Team-by-Team Evaluation Key for the 2011 NFL Draft

Over the years we feel that our reviews have been objective as we evaluate each team’s draft with utmost care. If you feel we have been excessively critical of your favorite team in the past, don’t be surprised if they have a higher ranking this year. On the other hand, if you are used to seeing a high grade for your team, this may be the year in which you see them slide. Our draft grades range as follows: excellent, good, above average, average, below average, and poor. Most teams will fall in the above average to below average range. Please be reminded that our grades represent our sincere, objective, and thoughtful opinions.We hope you enjoy reading our opinions – and remember they are just that – ours. A true draft grade will not be tabulated until this years class has been in the league for three years.-Ourlads

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