Philadelphia Eagles 2011 NFL Draft Review

Defensive help looked like the point of emphasis for the Eagles with new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and defensive line coach Jim Washburn. Three of the first four selections addressed needs and competition in the secondary and at linebacker. Danny Watkins, the first round pick, is one of three interior offensive linemen that new offensive line coach Howard Mudd has a chance to mold and shape to protect Michael Vick. The draft is only one area of player acquisition the Eagles put to use. Look for General Manager Howie Roseman and Head Coach Andy Reid to become major players in free agency. Danny Watkins played left tackle at Baylor but will move inside and projects to start at right guard. He will be a 26-year old rookie. Physical in his play he goes to the whistle and plays square. He can lock out, sit down, and anchor a bull rush. He gets movement on double teams. A power player, he has good feet and follow though in the run game. He plays with maturity and violence in his game. Jaiquawn Jarrett started 37 games in his productive career. A box type strong safety, he flashes solid ability in all phases of his game. Not the most athletic safety, but he has short area quickness and good ball skills. Consistent, aggressive, and instinctive in run support, he is a high effort player who has some limitations. He is a full contact player and a good tackler, recording 299 tackles in his career. Curtis Marsh is a developmental corner with size and good athletic ability. He has good hip flexibility in transition and is smooth in his turns as well as having good speed for the position. Marsh has questionable instincts and awareness – if he sees it, he breaks on it. A former running back, he moved to corner in 2009, starting 16 games at corner in his career. Casey Matthews started for three years and is a relentless downhill player with good instincts and reactions. He has a quick change of direction and the ability to redirect off a block. He shows good technique as he uses his hands to get separation and shed the block. Strong at the point of attack, he is a physical playmaker for his size. He is solid in both zone and man to man coverage. Alex Henery’s selection essentially ended free agent David Akers’ career in Philadelphia. He is a dual threat as a right-footed soccer style placekicker and punter. Tall and slender, he has a strong leg with immediate rise, end over end. He gets the ball up quickly and performs in bad weather and under pressure. Over his career he has only missed two kicks under 50 yards. Dion Lewis has good running instincts with good balance and is quicker than fast. Undersized at 5065, he ran a pedestrian 4.57/40. He was productive as a freshman in 2009 surrounded by a veteran quarterback and offensive line. He can make a defender miss in the hole. Lewis has quick stop and start moves, catches check down and screen passes in his hands, and may find a job as a role player. Julian Vandervelde is a better than average athlete who plays with good zone technique and smarts. Crafty in his play, he gets his pads down and can block with leverage and knee bend. Intense, he has good use of hands and downfield effort. He takes good angles to the 2nd level to cut off backside pursuit. Jason Kelce started at offensive left guard for two years and was moved to center in 2010. Athletic but undersized, he lacks anchor strength versus a big nose tackle. A zone blocking center, he is a knee bender who plays with leverage. He plays with a good base and balance and works to finish his block. Scrappy and feisty, he may buck the trend, but there are no interior linemen that have made a team weighing just 280 pounds in the modern era. Brian Rolle has good athletic ability and speed but is shorter than ideal (5095). He is active and always around the ball. Rolle struggles in man to man match-ups. He has good range and explosive quickness. Physical and strong for his size, he is a three down linebacker with good instincts. He will contribute on all special teams coverage units. Greg Lloyd projects to the middle or Mike linebacker for the Eagles. He has good instincts and is always around the ball. Coming off a year where he was working through a knee injury in 2009, his 2010 season was basically getting his feet back under him. He played defensive end in college. A developmental player, he has pro skills. He is the son of former Steelers’ great; Greg Lloyd Sr. Stanley Havili is the total package of good blocking skills, hands to catch all the pass routes, and productivity as a runner. As a former running back, he brings good running skills to the table. He has good vision, feet, strength, and power between the tackles. He finishes his runs with effort and authority. Havili has an injury history and is coming off shoulder surgery. GRADE: ABOVE AVERAGE

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