Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agent:

Derrell Smith, Syracuse 6000 243 4.79

Three-year starter. Team captain. Plays square and downhill. Doesn’t get turned to create running lanes. Needs more upper body strength. Makes plays. Instinctive and active in his play. Former running back. Maintains leverage on blocks. Always in the picture frame near the ball. Stays on his feet. Can string out the blocker and shed quickly. Takes good angles downfield. Fluid in his pass drops. Gets to hook area and sits down and squares up. Has pattern awareness. Competitive and tough. Loves contact. Can take on plays directly at him or scrape and fill the hole. Will contribute on special teams coverage.


Armando Allen RB    (Notre Dame)
Matt Allen OLC   (Texas A&M)
Cory Brandon OLT   (Oklahoma)
Thomas Claiborne OLG   (Boston College)
Mike Coughlin QB    (Boise State)
Jose Cruz TE    (Syracuse)
Brandon Heath LBO   (Louisville)
Devin Holland DBF   (McNeese State)
Detron Lewis WR    (Texas Tech)
Mossis Madu RB    (Oklahoma)
Nick Reveiz LBI   (Tennessee)
Jock Sanders WR    (West Virginia)
Raymond Webber WR    (Arkansas-Pine Bluff)
Christian Yount LS    (UCLA)

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