Carolina Panthers 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Kendric Burney, North Carolina 5093 186 4.75

Four-year starter. Instinctive nickel corner who can jump a route with a sudden burst. Quick reactions to medium and short routes. Competed well Senior Bowl week in the game and on special teams. A press type corner who can drive and snap off quickly. Sticky short area ability. Plays with poise and confidence. Football appears important to him by the way he plays the game. Good ball skills and anticipation.

Ugo Chinasa, Oklahoma State 6047 264 4.71

Three-year starter who plays with functional upper body strength. Has extra long arms and big hands. A good athlete with an explosive first step. Has all the tools of the trade, but at times it appears he keeps his tools in the toolbox and doesn’t show up to work. Inconsistent in his effort. Can bend his hips and explode out, but he will raise his pad level and get turned. Plays both up and down and drops into coverage. At times he looks like he doesn’t know how to play the game. A developmental player who has desired measurables with inconsistent skills.

Thomas Keiser, Stanford 6033 261 4.83

Junior entry. Two-year starter who has played both as an outside linebacker in a three man front or a 4-3 end. Productive with 15 sacks in 25 games. Played right defensive end in 2010. Instinctive reacting quickly to pass or run. Stays square in a good football position. Plays in a three point stance down or stands up in a two point stance. Quick arm over move. Has the frame to gain and put on more good weight. Has good arm length to lock out and shuffle down the line. A developmental player with some pro physical skills.

Darvin Adams, Auburn 6021 190 4.56

Junior entry. Two year starter who is a slender possession receiver. Plays the “x” receiver position in a run oriented spread offense. Will catch the medium zone dig route over the middle. Catches the ball away from his frame and can make the tough catch. Holds the ball on contact. Runs good but elementary spread type pass patterns. Needs to get more upper and lower body strength. A one speed type receiver who lacks an explosive first step off the line. A developmental receiver who has a chance to make a team if he elevates his position skills.

Byron Bell, New Mexico 6052 339 5.35

Three-year starter. A wide bodied left tackle who projects inside to guard. Good initially on his first step. Can stone an edge pass rusher with his strength. Plays with a good base and balance. Can mirror and shadow a pass rusher up the field past the quarterback. Flashes some next level ability, but would be classified as an underachiever who has consistent technique breakdowns. A developing size prospect who needs position skills development.


John Gianninoto OLG   (UNLV)
Adi Kunalic PK    (Nebraska)
Ryan Pugh OLC   (Auburn)
Anthony Santella P     (Illinois)
Greg Smith TE    (Texas)
Malcolm Tatum DLE   (Louisville)
Jamorris Warren WR    (Central Missouri State)

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