Defensive Back Film Notes: Senior Bowl

Jamel Fleming - Oklahoma

The following notes of note are snippets that were taken at live practices, practice tape and game tape. Ourlads NFL Scouting Services studied over 600 players from seven college all-star games. The Senior Bowl: Alfonzo Dennard (Nebraska) – 5100, 203. Is competitive and consistently challenges receivers. Majors in press man which couldn’t be played in the game, so he worked on his off man skills. Can track, trail, and snug up on a receiver. Good instincts and ball reactions. Always in a position to make a play. Plays with a good stance, balance and strength. Did not play in the game due to a hip injury. Jamel Fleming (Oklahoma) – 5105, 202. Proved during the week that he can track and trail on the fastest receivers. Physical corner who can tackle. A good competitor with quick feet. Fluid with good hip flexibility. He can drive and snap off quickly. Can neutralize the lead blocker and shed. Has the size and strength to string out the play. Donnie Fletcher (Boston College) – 6002, 201. Plays the best in press coverage where he can get his hands on receivers and reroute them. Drives hard on the ball in front of him. Inconsistent to separate quickly from the blocker and get in on the play. Late reacting at times. George Iloha (Boise State) – 6035, 222, arms 33 7/8”, wing span 81 5/8”. A rangy athlete who had a good first day of practice then had a diving interception during the second day of practice. Played both free and strong safety. He also played man to man on a slot receiver. A good looking athlete with range. Asa Jackson (Cal Poly) – 5097, 193. Is a quick-footed corner who will also contribute as a punt return specialist. Quick break on the ball. Was not out of place in the game. Shorter than ideal. Needs more tackling strength. A raw talent who is an ascending player. Leonard Johnson (Iowa State) – 5097, 198. Small hands 8” and short arms 28 ¾”. Mirrors cuts well in man to man. Flashes a burst in transition. Good short area quickness. Shorter than ideal, but has good leaping ability and timing. Needs to be more consistent and physical in press coverage. D’Anton Lynn (Penn State) – 5115, 205. Was evident in practice that he was more of a safety than a corner after repeatedly getting beat in practice by the wide receivers. He does a good job of pattern reading when in zone coverage. Trenton Robinson (Michigan State) – 5094, 193. Good week of practice in man drills. A big hitter who is generally a good wrap tackler. Quick to read and react. Can be beat in a double move by a savvy wide receiver. Will lose the ball at times in deep coverage. Harrison Smith (Notre Dame) – 6016, 212, hands 10 1/8”. An active player who is instinctive and hustles in pursuit. Gets downhill quickly on run support and reacts well in space. Would like to see him make more plays because he is always around the ball. Needs work on coverage skills. Solid coverage as a cover 3 strong safety. Struggled in deep and man coverage. Antonio Allen (South Carolina) – 6012, 202. Demonstrated good change of direction reacting quickly downhill in run support. Better in zone coverage than man to man. Good shoulder wrap up hitter. Played the hybrid “spur” position in college where he was a combination linebacker and strong safety. Good competitor. Dwight Bentley (Louisiana- Lafayette) – 5097, 176. Small hands 7 7/8” and short arms 29 ½”. A little big man. Shorter than ideal, but he features quick ball reactions and mirrors cuts consistently. Can turn and burst in transition and has the speed to run with vertical receivers. Can stick his foot in the ground and drive on the ball. Brandon Boykin (Georgia) – 5092, 183. Runs well on deep routes in man coverage. Stays on the receiver’s hip and mirrors cuts and reacts quickly on the throw. Technically sound in press coverage. Physical for a small corner. Sudden to break on the ball. Asset as a return specialist.

Casey Hayward - Vanderbilt

Casey Hayward (Vanderbilt) – 5110, 188. Good ball skills and hip flexibility. Easily changes direction. A good athlete with a closing burst. Competed well in practice and the game slapping away a potential touchdown. Quick handed. Sticky man coverage ability. Janoris Jenkins (North Alabama) – 5096, 191. Is a talented and athletic corner who demonstrated an excellent break and drive on the ball. Reacts quickly to receiver cuts. Was solid in practice working on press coverage. Top level coverage skills both man and zone. Can be burned with double moves because he jumps routes after peeking into the backfield. Will contribute on special teams in both coverage and returns. Markelle Martin (Oklahoma State) – 6006, 203. Can play both free or strong safety. A physical player who will run through a wide receiver to make a play. Did a solid job during the week covering tight ends and backs out of the backfield. Dequan Menzie (Alabama) – 5104, 195. Received work at both strong safety and corner. Stood out as a safety reacting well downhill and showing good zone awareness. Short for a safety but was strong in run support skills. Technically sound in man to man coverage. Ability to play both positions will help his draft stock.

Ryan Steed - Furman

Ryan Steed (Furman) – 5103, 190. Is a competitive press and jam corner. Had a good week of practice where he improved his coverage techniques and adjustment to the speed of the game. Athletic with good hip flexibility. Gets high in his backpedal at times. When he drops his hips he can transition smoothly to turn and run. Ascending player. Brandon Taylor (LSU) – 5111, 202. Was around the ball during the week but did not get in position to make a play. Has some stiffness that results in his ability to react quickly to receiver’s cuts. His best asset is the ability to support the run.

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