George Boone – Ourlads’ NFL Scouts’ Hall of Fame

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Former NFL scout with the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts

George came to St. Joe Prep as a sophomore and established himself as one of the best linemen ever to  play for the Eagles. After graduating in 1956,  he went to the University of Kentucky where he walked on the football team. He was awarded a scholarship his sophomore year and was named to the SEC All-Soph Team. George had a great sports career, and received his degree with the 4th highest GPA of the team. He joined the UK Coaching Staff in 1961 and was assistant coach until 1965. George then headed a Scouting Combine used by NFL Teams until 1968. He then joined the St. Louis Cardinals of the NFL and was Director of Player Personnel until 1991. George spent 1991-1998 as Director of Player Personnel and Director of College Scouting for the Indianapolis Colts. In 1999, George rejoined the Phoenix Cardinals Scouting Department where he recently retired. George and his wife, Dedee have 5 children and have moved back to Eddyville, Ky.

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