Draft Rewind 2012 – Coby Fleener – Indianapolis Colts

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about COBY FLEENER: Stanford, 6060 247 4.48. Two-year starter who played in 25 games as a red-shirt freshman and sophomore. The Cardinals rotated several tight ends the past few years and in 2010 Fleener snatched 28 passes for 434 yards. He caught 8 touchdown passes. He is a motion and move tight end with consistent and strong hands. Was Andrew Luck’s favorite target in the 2011 Orange Bowl win over Virginia Tech where he grabbed three touchdown passes. A very smart and aware tight end who is accustomed to an NFL playbook. He can and has lined up in a variety of alignments. Can read coverages and adjust routes according to the play. He has produced against good competition. Competitive as a receiver and blocker. Not a road grader as a blocker, but is efficient and gets the job done on and off the line of scrimmage. Takes good angles downfield and can adjust on the run. Plays square and balanced. Doesn’t lose his feet. Athletic after catch. Will fight for extra yards. Has the frame to gain another 20 pounds of good playing weight and still keep his speed. Has the ability in pass pro to quick set with body quickness, change of direction, redirect with natural body control. A first year starter with the talent to contribute early in his career. Must check injury history. Did not work out at Combine due to ankle injury. 2011 stats: 34-667, 19.6 ypr, 10 TDs. First/second round. (A-33 3/8, H-10, BP-27, VJ-37).

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