Draft Rewind 2012 – David DeCastro – Pittsburgh Steelers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DAVID DECASTRO: Stanford, 6047 316 5.32. Junior entry. Three-year starter who is intense, competitive, explosive, patient, and has excellent recoverability in pass protection. The best guard coming out for the draft since Steve Hutchinson in 2001. His hands are quick, strong, and explosive. Gains control of defender. Will lock out, position, and adjust his hands. Punches with authority. Can deliver a jolt. A good athlete with quick and nifty feet. Can stay engaged with a good shoulder width base. Occupies defensive tackle. Can reach and cut off the nose or shade tackle on the line or cut off a second level linebacker. Positive results when pulling to log or seal. Moves with quickness and snap. Has acceleration quickness and the ability to move in space, taking correct angles. Alert to blitz pickup. Good explosion and impact at point of attack. Most importantly, his teammates have confidence to run behind him on a clutch play. Plays with a low pad level. Played in a pro style offense in college. A good athlete who is a quick learner and has the talent to start the day he is drafted. OSR:10/48. First round. (A-32 3/4, H-10, BP-34, 10-1.79).

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