Draft Rewind 2012 – Kelechi Osemele – Baltimore Ravens

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about KELECHI OSEMELE: Iowa State, 6054 333 5.26. Three-and-a-half years as a starter. Played left tackle since the 2009 season. A big man with long arms who plays with good base and balance on a team that runs a spread quick tempo offense. Plays in a 2-point stance. A knee bender who has strength, shock, control, drive, and finish in his vocabulary. Good initial arm punch and use of hands. Locks out and locks on defender. Plays smooth, square, and balanced in his pass pro. Can snap his hips and dominate his opponent. Has the physical tools to lock up a defensive tackle or edge pass rusher. Intense on snaps. Sticks with his man. Strong leg action and sure hands to steer or turn the defender. Plays with attitude and aggressiveness. Quick initial move and lateral agility to seal the edge in the run game. Can adjust to a power or speed rusher to block the edge in the pass game. Solid lower body, flexibility, and power. Hard to knock off his feet. Athletic and effortless in his play. Walled off 49er’s 7th pick, Aldon Smith in 2010, and handled his spin move. The only time Osemele was on the ground was when he was asked to cut block. Senior Bowl notes: Has talent but loves to lobster grab a defender and hold. When he keeps his hands inside the frame he locks up his target and it’s all over. Plays with a good base and balance. A knee bender who has strength, punch, and plays square. Powerful on down blocks. Flashes the ability to play with aggressiveness and attitude. Natural strength. Sometimes you wonder if there is any compete in this guy, then he’ll go out and crush a defender. Beat by Coples on a double move for a sack. Some projections move him inside to guard, but you need a cab to ride from one side of him to the other. Kelechi’s last name is pronounced (oh-sem-AH-lee) which means “ancient warrior”. OSR:11/48. Second/third round. (A-35 7/8, H-10 1/4, BP-32, 10-1.84).

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