Indianapolis Colts 2013 NFL Draft Review

Bjoern Werner

Bjoern Werner is not a natural pass rusher, but a technique savvy, tenacious, and disciplined one. He will be working to make the transition from a four man front defensive end to a 3-4 outside linebacker. During OTAs, the Colts have been working with Werner to play out of a four point stance and burst up the field. The four point stance keeps him low and he comes out instead of up. A fast twitch and relentless player, he is still learning the game. Hugh Thornton will compete with Mike McGlynn at right guard. He started at left tackle but has experience at both guard and tackle. He has long arms and a thick body to absorb a bull rush. Aggressive and physical, he makes good use of his hands in pass pro and plays with good balance, partially due to his experience as a championship caliber high school wrestler. Khaled Holmes has the talent and grades out as an eventual starter with some developmental time. He demonstrates sufficient quickness and athletic ability to make the cut off block on a defensive tackle. He is mobile enough to pull and smooth enough to recover and pick up a blitz. A zone blocking guard/ center athlete, he has long arms and big hands. Montori Hughes started his career at Tennessee and transferred to Tennessee-Martin where he started 18 games. A huge man with good sized hands, he has the athletic ability to control the blocker. He will get work at both nose tackle and defensive tackle, the same position as right defensive end in a 3-4 scheme. Hughes flashes first step quickness and power. He is strong enough to press the pocket, but has a tendency to play high. John Boyett played in only one game in 2012 before knee injuries ended his season. In September he had surgery for a partial tear of the patellar tendon in his left knee and another surgery in October to repair a partial tear in his right knee of the patellar tendon. He is a physical and aggressive player in run support. He possesses good ball skills and production. Confident, smart, and intense, he should be a special teams’ standout if he can remain healthy. Kerwynn Williams is a short but thick speedy third down type back with kickoff return skills. A former wide receiver, he possesses the ability to catch all pass routes and has good eye/hand coordination. He has been productive and elusive as a runner, receiver, and return specialist. A utility, rotation type back, he can find and hit a crease at full speed. Justice Cunningham played in 53 straight college games and may be the sleeper of the Colts’ draft. An impressive but unheralded move player, he locks on a defender and can seal the edge. He is a big handed catching target who is physical and uses a straight arm when running after catch. A smart, good technique athlete, “Mr. Irrelevant” is very relevant. GRADE: ABOVE AVERAGE.

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