Nick Foles traded for Sam Bradford

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst


Philadelphia QB Nick Foles TRADED to St. Louis for QB Sam Bradfdord (picks included)


Jim Kelly continues to show he has the keys to the ship and he is making a move at every port.  When looking at the picks involved in addition to the starting quarterbacks, it’s clear the Eagles are very high on Bradford, and not so much on Foles.  Philadelphia brings in a quarterback that is more comfortable in the spread attack, as it is similar to the scheme Bradford ran in college at Oklahoma.  They rid themselves of Foles, whom started 24 games over his three NFL seasons with a 94.2 QB rating.  Kelly has a clear picture and clear desires for what he has planned with this offense.  The quick decisions and gimmick type scheme simply didn’t play to Foles’ strengths,

St. Louis would be almost clueless to not accept this trade offer.  They essentially bring in a QB that has had more success than Bradford for a cheaper price tag, a better health grade, and more suited for their scheme while upgrading their 5th round pick to a 4th rounder and adding a future day two selection.  My main issue with Bradford coming out of Oklahoma was his inability to take NFL hits with his scrawny frame.  Since his entrance to the league in 2010, he’s already seen two season ending injuries before week 11.  Foles fits the mold of a pure pocket passer and has much more arm talent than Bradford.

What’s next?

All the attention is on the veteran QBs changing places.  I still believe Kelly’s grand master plan is to somehow move up to draft Marcus Mariota.  It will have to be such an aggressive move, however.  But hasn’t Kelly shown he’s willing to make a crazy trade?

The Rams rid themselves of the Bradford era, one that never really took off.  Their roster’s young talent can be comparable to any in the league but without a true signal caller under center, it’s gone to waste.  Foles could be the missing piece to a team that doesn’t have long until they have a hard time holding on to all that talent.

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