Trent Cole to Indianapolis

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst


OLB Trent Cole SIGNED by Indianapolis


What stands between the Colts and the Super Bowl resides on defense.  When they needed to come up with stops against a quality offense, they often failed.  They have a couple of young pieces with pass rush potential, but none of them are of the caliber of Cole.  Cole is an explosive edge rusher that may become a package player as the end of his career starts heading his way.  This is a move to improve their third down defense while also providing another pass rush mentor for their young bodies.

What’s next?

With Cole on one end, and a returning Robert Mathis on the other, the Colts pass rush all of the sudden looks like a possible strength up from a major weakness.  Having savvy veterans in the mix is something they could have really used in the playoffs.  Cole may not be around for long, but he still has the explosive get off that will force the offense to adjust to his presence.

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