Ryan Mathews Signs with Philadelphia

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst


 RB Ryan Mathews SIGNED by Philadelphia


 Just when you thought the Eagles were done, they signed another RB that began the 2014 season as a starter.  Mathews has had an underwhelming career, but many think he was handcuffed by the San Diego scheme and injuries.  The Eagles now have two new backs that can shoulder a lot of carries but may be best suited as committee guys.  They have both been nicked up more than their fair share of times so far in their young careers.  Kelly wants to run the ball 25+ times every week and instead of giving one of these guys all those carries, he will now be able to split them up between the two of them and Darren Sproles.

 What’s Next?

 As I said yesterday, your guess is as good as mine with Chip Kelly.  He still needs to build the offensive line the way he wants to.  I would think he will want some young blood in there that can handle the conditioning demand of such a fast pace offense.  There are a couple of Oregon linemen in the draft that project to be top 100 overall guys that I’m sure he will look in to.


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