Quick Fantasy Draft Strategies for 2017

By Jamal Murphy, Ourlads Chief Fantasy Analyst

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It’s that time of year again. Fantasy drafts are taking place at alarming rates and fake franchise owners are wringing their hands over who to draft in the first round, whether to stock up on running backs or wide receivers in the early rounds, and how early to jump on an elite quarterback to lead their team.

Well, worry not. We’ve got the answers here. Here are three quick tips for you to follow in order to have a successful and financially fruitful fantasy football season.

Top 3 Draft Strategies for 2017

Don’t Reach Too High for Running Backs

Just like the real league, running backs are becoming marginalized. They are often interchangeable. With the exception of a handful of talented/durable backs, they are replaceable and often will need to be replaced after the predictable early to mid-season injury. Fortunately, it won’t be a team-killer. As long as you stay alert in free agency and the waiver wire, you will be able to find a productive starting running back or two in-season. Every year there are running backs who most people had never heard of at draft time, that lead some lucky schmuck to a fantasy title, like Jordan Howard and Jay Ajayi.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Grab Your Franchise QB

Also like the real game, if you have dreams of a title, you’re going to need an elite quarterback to get you there. Many disagree with this assessment because there seem to be so many solid options at the position. But, in order to get that chip you’ll want to have one of those top 5-7 guys that are guaranteed to get you big points (touchdowns) week in and week out. So, no matter the round, if you see a string of those top QBs flying off the board, it’s time to abandon whatever your current strategy is and jump on the wave.

Please, Please Do Not Draft Defenses or Kickers Early

Every year you see some self-proclaimed genius in your league take a defense in the 6th round or a kicker in the 8th. Not only is that foolhardy, but it is a major distraction to sane fantasy owners who then have to waste precious time removing their palm from their face. Not only are great defenses tough to predict in the preseason, there are always defenses that surprise and it often depends on weekly match-ups. Thus, one strategy that I have found successful is to simply look for the best available defense week by week, according to the match-up. There will likely be only one or two defensive teams worthy of starting every week. This same strategy applies to those annoying little kickers, as well.


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