Frank Ragnow – OC – Arkansas

Frank Ragnow - OC - Arkansas

By Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Senior Draft Analyst

Frank Ragnow – OC – Arkansas

The evolvement of NFL pass rushers shifting away from the edge to the inside will cause teams to put slightly more attention on securing the point of attack. The center position is no longer a secondary play caller and director, these guys have to be quality blockers.

Frank Ragnow, a former guard, is manning the position in the middle for Bret Bielema, a head coach known for developing plenty of NFL talent in the trenches. Ragnow is on the plus-side when it comes to size for centers. When it comes to firing out of his stance, reaching the second level, and locking his hands inside the defender’s shoulders, he grades out almost as high as possible. He can neutralize power and quickness when the initial position advantage is there. His struggles arise when he is forced to move laterally and/or when he has to match up against a defender with a low center of gravity. If his leg drive can improve, Ragnow will be a force to be reckoned with that can alter the performance of an entire offensive line.

When Coach Bielema says this is the surest thing he’s ever had when it comes to projecting long term impact in the NFL, you have to listen. Maybe not a first round talent at the initial glance, but it can be really hard to find guys like this over the course of multiple years.

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