Cincinnati Bengals 2011 Draft Review

The Bengals filled a feature receiver need with the selection of the dynamic playmaker, AJ Green, the most complete wideout in the 2011 Draft. Green has the rare ability to make the contested catch. With the Carson Palmer issue ongoing, Cincinnati selected quarterback Andy Dalton in the second round. Dalton brings a winning attitude and a breath of fresh air to the Orange and Black. He is a prototype West Coast offensive type talent. The common themes throughout the last six Bengal selections were competitiveness, versatility, and productivity. Several of the late choices will be counted on to upgrade the special teams units. AJ Green plays at a high level and has excellent run after catch skills. The Bengals liked Green’s combination of size, speed, ball skills, and natural ability to run pass routes. He also impressed new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden with his blocking ability and every play effort. He’s one of the few receivers coming out of college that you can throw to when covered and he will make the catch. He makes a tough catch look routine with his athletic ability. Green can catch crossing routes, underneath, or over the middle. He can go vertical and break tackles. Quarterback Andy Dalton impressed the Bengals with his leadership ability, anticipation of the throws, and accuracy. This developmental project may have to be a quick study if Carson Palmer does not return. Dalton must work at taking snaps from under center, develop his footwork to the throwing point, and work from a pocket among a myriad of NFL nuances of quarterback play. Dontay Moch is projected as a weakside linebacker, nickel pass rusher, and core special teams player. He was productive in college with 63 tackles for loss plus 30 sacks. He possesses rare first step quickness and demonstrates an intense desire to run down the ball carrier. He played with his hand in the dirt at Nevada. Moch is a raw but talented athlete. Clint Boling will be counted on to come into camp and compete for a starting job at either guard position. He has experience at both guard and tackle. Boling is a battler with above average athletic ability and is physical in his play. Smart and alert with good field awareness, he is quick to read and react to stunts. He is intense, durable, and consistent in his play. Robert Sands is a rarity at safety with his size and athletic ability. His height and long arms are a position asset in the seams and underneath coverage where the quarterback must throw over the top of him. Not shy on run support, he is an aggressive athlete who has a unique skill set. Ryan Whalen was Andrew Luck’s go-to receiver at Stanford. With the Bengals he will be playing in a scheme that is similar. He is a good athlete who is a reliable hand catcher. He caught 139 passes for 1884 yards in his career. Consistent in his overall play, he has good ball skills. Whalen can run the inside slant routes required in the West Coast offense. A tough competitor, he sacrifices his body for the ball. Korey Lindsey-Woods is a three year starter who is a developmental type corner. He has short arms and small hands for the position. He possesses good ball skills, but struggles to get off blocks in run support. Jay Finley played running back in Baylor’s spread offense. A third down type back, he lacks creative running skills and is a developmental practice squad type. GRADE: GOOD.

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