St. Louis Rams 2011 NFL Draft Review

Robert Quinn was the first of eight new St. Louis Rams to come off the board at selection fourteen. Quinn will compete with right defensive end James Hall for the starting position, but Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo may get all three, including Chris Long, on the field at one time. Quinn possesses natural hand, foot, and lateral quickness. He doesn’t stay blocked. The next three choices were to give new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and quarterback Sam Bradford some new weapons. Lance Kendricks can be used as a move tight end or in the slot, Austin Pettis is a physical receiver who will go over the middle, and Greg Salas has excellent hands and production. Robert Quinn played right defensive end in a four-man front. He was the best pass rusher in the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2009. He has good flexibility to bend off the edge. He can slip and accelerate off a block. A fast twitch pass rusher, he can explode and jolt a pass protector. An instinctive athlete, he is disciplined in his contain rush. He has good change of direction but needs to improve his ability to shed and stack in the run game. He has all the tools, but just needs the technique. Lance Kendricks is a move tight end who can adjust and block on the run. A former wide receiver, he has good route savvy and receiving skills. A sticky and scrappy blocker, he is an H-back type who lines up in the slot or wing position. Athletic after catch, he can get open versus man to man or zone. He provides depth and competition. Austin Pettis is Boise State’s all-time reception leader. A big target with good body control, he is a slot type receiver who will catch the ball in the middle of the field. He has good concentration to catch slant passes in traffic. Instinctive and productive with the ball in his hands, he is a clutch receiver who can separate. Greg Salas caught 285 passes in his career, good for 4345 yards. A good sized possession receiver, he has run after catch ability. He runs good routes and can read coverages. Salas should make his living as a slot receiver who is quick and athletic after catch. He has the courage to catch the ball over the middle or in a crowd. Jermale Hines hits with an explosive force and loves contact. A physical player, he takes good angles in run support. He has good instincts and is a wrap tackler who plays with quickness and strength. He played the hybrid strong safety/linebacker in the Buckeyes’ defensive scheme. Hines is an enforcer type that receivers know where he lines up. Mikail Baker is a developmental corner with good speed. A former wide receiver, he played six years at Baylor due to an injury history. On his pro day on 3/3/11 his numbers were: 5113, 191, 4.45/40, 1.52/10, 12/ BP, 38/VJ, 10-10/BJ, 4.31/SS, and 7.20/3 cone. Jabara Williams was a four-year starter who can run sideline to sideline. He will be given the opportunity to compete as a weakside linebacker and could also be a core special teams contributor. On his pro day on 3/31/11 his numbers were: 6017, 228, 4.59/40, 1.49/10, 17/BP, 36.5/VJ, 9-10/BJ, 4.33/SS, and 7.09/3 cone. Jonathan Nelson must make an impression on special teams. A developmental player, his pro day numbers on 4/4/11 were: 5107, 198, 4.56/40, 1.51/10, 22/BP, 43/VJ, 11-4/BJ, 4.16/SS, and 6.91/ 3 cone. GRADE: ABOVE AVERAGE.

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