Minnesota Vikings 2011 Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agent:

Allen Reisner, Iowa 6020 248 4.97

One-year starter who was in a tight end rotation for the previous three years. Was not red-shirted. Soft and sure hands. A technique sound and savvy blocker who is sticky in his play. Quick enough to set the edge and position the contain defender. More of an Hback type tight end who can position block and read on the run. Catches the ball in a crowd. Good concentration and focus. Takes good angles and gives a good effort blocking down field. No hold up on release. A competitive player who stays engaged and keeps his feet moving. Routes include outs, seams, flats, and crossers. Has borderline measurables and physical skills. A developmental practice squad type athlete.


Chris Adingupu DBF   (Prairie View A&M)
David Akinniyi DLE   (North Carolina State)
Conan Amituanai OLG   (Arizona)
Emmanuel Arceneaux WR    (Alcorn State)
Matt Asiata RBF   (Utah)
Ed Barham TE    (North Carolina)
Larry Dean LBO   (Valdosta State)
Jonathan Gilmore LBI   (Southern Oregon)
Ryan Hill DBS   (Miami)
Andre Holmes WR    (Hillsdale)
Rod Huntley OLG   (UTEP)
Byron Isom OLG   (Auburn)
Dominique Johnson WR    (Cal Poly)
Alexander Robinson RB    (Iowa State)
Devon Torrence DBC   (Ohio State)
Nathan Whitaker PK    (Stanford)

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