St. Louis Rams 2011 Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Bryant Browning, Ohio State 6040 319 5.20

Three-year starter with long arms and big hands. Interesting tools to succeed on Sunday. He will overextend and not bring his feet with him in the run game at times. Can sit down and anchor a bull rush when he bends his knees. Will come up instead of out of his stances and plays with a high pad level. His base will get a little wide at times which hinders him in pass protection. With that being said, in pass protection he plays with good balance and use of his hands. Alert to pick up the blitz. Plays with a strong 2- arm extension. He maintains his balance when shadowing the pass rusher. Has physical tools, but techniques are lacking. A smart developmental prospect who has experience at both guard and tackle. (was released 8-8-11 by the Rams and signed by the Panthers.)

Schuylar Oordt, Northern Iowa 6057 261 4.67

Two-year starter. Former wide receiver. Big target with speed to threaten two deep coverage. A good athlete with long arms. Rated 4th athletically out of 17 tight ends that worked out at the Combine. Soft hands. Will hold the ball and secure the ball on contact. Change of pace type runner. Stays on his feet as a blocker. A willing wall off type. Covers up corners at this level when blocking down field. Comes off the line hard. No holdup. Good body control when running routes. Creates space with long arms and athletic ability. Has the speed to threaten middle area of the field. Good leaping ability. Developmental tight end with pro measurables.


Damario Ambrose DLE   (Arkansas)
Tim Atchison DBF   (Baylor)
Kenneth Charles DLE   (SF Austin)
DeMarco Cosby TE    (Central Missouri)
John Dempsey DBS   (Villanova)
Dionte Dinkins DBC   (Fort Valley State)
Pete Fleps LBi   (SMU)
Ben Guidugli TE    (Cincinnati)
John Henderson DLT   (Southern Mississippi)
Kevin Hughes OLG   (Southeastern Louisiana)
Randall Hunt OLG   (Illinois)
Jake McQuaide LS    (Ohio State)
Taylor Potts QB    (Texas Tech)
Chris Smith DBC   (Northern Illinois)
Van Stumon RBF   (Arkansas)
Roy Watts OLG   (Houston)
Eddie Wide RB    (Utah)

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