Defensive Line Film Notes: East-West Shrine Game

Micanor Regis - Miami

The following notes of note are snippets that were taken at live practices, practice tape and game tape. Ourlads NFL Scouting Services studied over 600 players from seven college all-star games. The East-West Shrine Game: Matt Conrath (Virginia) – 6072, 281, arms 33 3/8”, hands 10 5/8”. Rangy blue-collar, good effort player. Plays high and is susceptible to cut blocks. Takes good angles to chase down field. Some teams may see him as an offensive tackle project. Akiem Hicks (Regina-Canada) – 6045, 324, arms 35 1/8”, hands 10 1/8”. Caught evaluators’ attention at the weigh-in with his impressive size. Strong enough to push the pocket. Explosive first step quickness. Nick Jean-Baptiste (Baylor) – 6014, 335, arms 33”. Thick lower body, looks like a two-down run player who could play 20-25 plays in a game. Gives effort. Julian Miller (West Virginia) – 6033, 256, arms 34 1/ 8”. Projects to a 3-4 edge rusher. Needs more strength in the run game. Gets his hands up on pass rush. Micanor Regis (Miami) – 6025, 309, arms 33”, hands 10 ¼”. Good hustle player who couldn’t be blocked in practice. Plays with leverage and sheds quickly. Good instincts to read screen passes. Explosive. Had trouble with Brandon Brooks. Struggled to separate. Travian Robertson (South Carolina) – 6040, 305, hands 10”. Will get a look at both 4-3 defensive tackle and 3-4 defensive end. Quick enough to penetrate on the goal line or stack and shed. Athletic and strong. Jabaree Tuani (Navy) – 5114, 268. Explosive under tackle who plays with leverage. Penetrates in the gaps and is disruptive. Has a Navy commitment before he can go to camp. Tyrone Crawford (Boise State) – 6041, 285, arms 33 ½”. First step explosiveness. History of making plays. Ascending player. Has length and strength in his game. Very contain conscious. Has up field and lateral quickness. Can accelerate off a block. Justin Francis (Rutgers) – 6023, 270, arms 33”, hands 10 1/8”. Gets his hands up and forces the quarterback to throw out of the well. Was more active in practice than he was in the game. Plays with leverage. Dominique Hamilton (Missouri) – 6047, 320, arms 33 ¼”, hands 10 ¼”. Is an inside run stuffer as long as he plays low. Good lateral quickness. Hustles down line of scrimmage.

Dajohn Harris - Southern Cal

Dajohn Harris (Southern Cal) – 6030, 308, hands 10”. Had a strong week of practice. Good lateral quickness and use of hands. Can stack a double team and hold his ground. Kentrell Lockett (Mississippi) – 6050, 243, arms 34”, hands 10 1/8”. Has some overall stiffness because of a series of college injuries. Talented but injury prone. Quickness is average. Gives effort. Vaughn Meatoga (Hawaii) – 6011, 299, arms 33”. Plays with good leverage and can push the pocket. Two-down player who can lock out and stack in the run game. Arnaud Gascon-Nadon (Laval-Canada) – 6030, 249. High motor player who is very active. Played on the line of scrimmage and played square. Did not get turned. Good use of hands. Kaniela Tuipulotu (Hawaii) – 6006, 310. Is a one gap penetrator who loses his feet in traffic. Physical player who give a good effort. More of a run down player.

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