2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agents – NFC South – Carolina Panthers

Wes Kemp, WR, Missouri – 6033 223 4.53 Three-year starter. Recognized by his teammates as a leader on and off the field. Graduated in 3 1/2 years. Similar to his teammates Michael Egnew and Jerrell Jackson, they all thrived under last year’s first round draft choice, Blaine Gabbert. The timing and the ability to run after catch was more consistent with a veteran quarterback. Good hands to dig out a low ball or will extend away from his body to make a catch on a bad throw. Big target. Good concentration and focus on the ball. Will run down the seam, eyeball the safety, and make the catch. Tough and physical. Good short area quickness for a big man. Good football intelligence. Cuts well in the open field after he catches the bubble screen. Gets upfield with the ball. Doesn’t run out of bounds. More powerful than quick. Good body balance. 2011 stats: 29-369 yds, 12.7 ypr, 5 TDs. Not invited to the Combine. Numbers from workout day: 6.85/3 cone, 10-1/BJ, 18/BP. Sixth/ seventh round. (A-33 1/8, H-9 3/4, VJ-34.5, SS-4.24).

Tauren Poole, RB, Tennessee – 5100 205 4.54 Two-year starter who is a third down type back that possesses good running skills and cutting ability. Played behind a young offensive line in 2011. Rushed for 1034 yards averaging 5.1 yards per carry in 2010. Has some overall run talent inside where he can step out of a tackle and get through traffic. A good athlete with quick feet and good upper body strength. Will step up and cut block a blitz. Needs to get a stronger base to square up. Runs with his pads over his toes. Has good balance and short area quickness. A pick and slide type runner. 2011 stats: 693 yds, 3.7 ypc, 5 TDs, 21 receptions, 164 yds. OSR:11/29. Fifth/ sixth round. (A-29 3/4, H-8, BP-24, SS-4.19).

Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU – 6044 302 5.27 Four-year starter who plays left tackle in a spread high tempo offensive attack. Plays in both the two and three point stance. Plays with a good shoulder width base with good arm extension. Plays square in pass protection. Not always smooth, but uses his hands well and flashes an explosive punch. Once engaged he works to finish his blocks. Comes off low in the run game and gets some push and movement. Drives his legs on contact. Hustles downfield to block after his initial block. Physical player in the run game. A skilled pass protector who has the quickness to get and keep position on a pass rusher. In a game where pass protection occupies 60% of his time, pass pro is his best skill. Mentally and physically tough in his play. Shadows his target and can recover and adjust to quick movement. May project inside to guards for some teams. Shrine Game notes: he was one of the few linemen that could neutralize pass rusher Kyle Wilber in the game. OSR:36/ 48. Fourth/fifth round. (A-33 1/4, H-9 5/8, BP-25, 10-1.86).

Brenton Bersin, WR, Wofford

Will Blackwell, OG, LSU

Nate Chandler, DT, UCLA

Jared Green, WR, Southern

Tarren Lloyd, TE, Utah State

Princeton McCarty, RB, Idaho

Lyndon Rowells, RB, Humboldt State

Ryan Van Bergen, DE, Michigan

Rico Wallace, WR, Shenandoah

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