Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2012 NFL Draft Review

Mark Barron & Doug Martin

Greg Schiano is the new sheriff in town who is preaching team ownership, discipline, and fundamental football. Schiano’s approach is old school and you win games by avoiding losing them. Do your job and stay focused. The Bucs needed someone to direct traffic on the field and drafted safety Mark Barron to fill that role. Schiano couldn’t get his old college running back Ray Rice who is under contract to the Ravens, but Doug Martin may be the next best option. Martin is all football, all the time. He is an every-down back who leaves it all on the field. Players love “player coaches” but they love winning more. Mark Barron gave every indication in the rookie mini-camp and OTAs that he will make a smooth transition to safety on the next level. He does a good job communicating coverage in the secondary. A competitor, he plays with confidence and poise. He is mentally and physically tough with a high reaction IQ. In big games he plays big. A good athlete with long arms, he has good ball skills in zone coverage. Doug Martin has a compact and powerful build and runs hard with good contact balance. He is the total package of run, catch, and block. LeGarrette Blount is a one dimensional short yardage back that Martin will leave in the rearview mirror. Martin is dependable and reliable to make plays. He definitely has the talent to be a feature back with good running skills and leatherneck determination. Lavonte David is another quality football player who was added to the Buc roster. A tackling machine, he set a Cornhusker record in 2010 with 152 tackles. Natural and instinctive in his ability to recognize and react to run or pass, he has a nose for the ball. He is an impact hitter who loves contact. Competitive, aggressive, and physically tough, he has a good football aptitude. David is an athletic knee bender who plays with balance. He should start at the weakside linebacker position. Najee Goode will compete with Mason Foster for playing time at middle linebacker. Goode played in a 3-3-5 defensive scheme in college. He is quick to the gap and makes plays behind the line of scrimmage. He has the agility to drop into coverage with his vision and good change of direction. A size and speed project, he just needs a chance to develop in a conventional 4-3 scheme. Keith Tandy may be competing for the starting nickel job before camp is over. Active and quick, he is experienced in manto- man and zone coverage. He plays with good body control and balance, has good short area quickness, and is physical in his play. Tandy breaks on the ball quickly with no false steps. A sticky corner, he will go for the strip and plays the ball in the air. Michael Smith was in the Utah State three back rotation. A compact running back, he possesses good balance and was named the MVP in the Players’ All-Star Classic. A junior college transfer, he has been timed in the 4.40 range. He may contribute as a third down back and kick return specialist. His numbers on his pro day were 23/BP, 40.5/VJ, 10-6/BJ, 4.35/SS. Drake Dunsmore played in 50 career games, starting 29 of them. A multi-positional athletic player, he lines up all over in the offense. He is a good effort blocker on the move with angles. Crafty and creative, he can create separation at times with his quickness and speed. GRADE: VERY GOOD.

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