Draft Rewind 2012 – Jonathan Martin – Miami Dolphins

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JONATHAN MARTIN: Stanford, 6053 312 5.10. Three-year starter with good football intelligence, long arms, and the hand placement to control his opponent. Starts at left tackle, but in the unbalanced heavy package, he flops over to the right side where he majors in run blocking. Gets movement on his down blocks to create a running lane. As a pass blocker he sets his base, pops and drops. Plays square with quick feet and has the ability to play flat-footed and adjust with lateral slide to a speed rusher. Good change of direction. Plays with good knee bend. Has the agility and balance to handle edge speed rushers. He is quick after the start, gains position, and runs the wide rusher up the field and takes away the inside go. Can maintain and regain his balance. Combo blocks well to slide off and make the second block. Can adjust and sustain in space. Never saw him trap block, but can move leading around the edge on sweeps. Will lose his feet and get tripped up at times. Talented enough to be a first year starter. Did not work out at the Combine due to illness. First round. (A-34, H-9 7/8, BP-DNP, 10-DNP).

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