The Young Harbaughs

Jake Hallum, a long-time coach and scout now with the Philadelphia Eagles, tells the story when John & Jim Harbaugh were about 7 and 8 years old. They were playing out in front of Morehead (KY) University where Jake and their father Jack coached. Mrs. Burgess, the secretary to then president, Dr. Doran, was watching the Harbaugh boys for their mother who was running an errand. There was a 5-6 foot ditch and culvert the boys were playing in and Mrs. Burgess hollered down to John & Jim to come out so they wouldn’t get hurt. As boys do, they didn’t scurry up the hill. Mrs. Burgess then threatened the boys that she would tell their parents that Jim kicked her in the shin. The boys then came out from the ditch and the 7-year old Jim said to Mrs. Burgess, “if you tell ‘em, I’ll kick you in the other shin!” Jake relayed that story to John and me one year at the Combine and John confirmed that it was Jim who had said that.

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