Cincinnati Bengals 2013 NFL Draft Review

Tyler Eifert

Tyler Eifert gives the Bengals a difference maker that will cause matchup problems. He is a talented receiving tight end who can line up in the slot, out wide, or in the backfield. He has been impressive catching the ball during OTAs and gives Andy Dalton another weapon. Cincinnati now has a two tight end mismatch with starter Jermaine Gresham playing opposite Eifert. The two tight end presence should help free up AJ Green down the field. He wasn’t asked to block much for the Irish, an area in which he can improve. Running back Giovani Bernard is a three down back who will upgrade the ball club’s passing attack. He is particularly skilled at running pass routes out of the backfield. A dynamic playmaker when healthy, he is quick and elusive laterally with a powerful lower body. He has natural instincts and feel for running the ball. Coordinator Jay Gruden will feature Bernard running both the inside and outside zones. Margus Hunt was drafted as a developmental height, weight, and speed project. He’s been playing football less than five years and doesn’t need to step in and start for the Bengals with Michael Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, Robert Geathers, and Wallace Gilberry on the roster. The towering defensive end is starting from square one in learning the pro game. Things as simple as communicating with the coaches, how to use his hands, and what foot to step with are all new to the native of Estonia. Shawn Williams has been impressive in OTAs and will compete with Taylor Mays for the starting strong safety position. He is physical and athletic with a nose for the ball. A good football player, he is competitive, confident, and poised. He plays best within his size and strength closer to the line of scrimmage. Williams was a force on the Georgia special teams. Sean Porter should be a hand in glove fit as a weakside linebacker. A good athlete, he is a four down linebacker that can play the run, cover, and play special teams. Ne needs to improve the violence in his hand use. In coverage he can turn and get depth quickly. He can leverage and shed a blocker right at him. He shows good hustle in pursuit and will compete with Vontaze Burfict on the weakside. Tanner Hawkinson is taking advantage of starting left tackle Andrew Whitworth and left guard Clint Boling rehabbing injuries. The former Jayhawk has impressed the coaches during OTAs with his intelligence, athletic ability, and good foot quickness. A four year starter, he has good arm length and durability but needs to get stronger in his core. He provides the Bengals with depth as a four position developmental player. Rex Burkhead, like Bernard, adds to the passing game with his natural hands and versatility out of the backfield. The ex- Cornhusker took snaps under center at quarterback, played fullback, wingback, and wide receiver. He runs good pass routes and has a good feel and instincts for running the football. As a pass protector he needs improvement. Cobi Hamilton has been particularly impressive in OTAs according to the coaches. He creates space when he comes out of his break and is especially dangerous out of the slot. A big play receiver, he can make the first defender miss. Reid Fragel will compete with Andre Smith and Anthony Collins at right tackle. He is a very good athlete who can bend and move his feet. Fragel is effective blocking down inline or sealing the linebacker on the second level. He locks on in the run game. TJ Johnson is a smart and crafty center with good functional strength. His head is always on a swivel. An experienced position blocker, he helps his guards and tackles if uncovered. Work is needed on pass pro consistency. GRADE: GOOD.

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