Oakland Raiders 2013 NFL Draft Review

DJ Hayden

DJ Hayden missed OTAs after needing surgery to clean up scar tissue in his abdomen resulting from his earlier heart surgery. Athletically, he has very good foot quickness, change of direction, and hip flexibility. He has a quick burst and acceleration speed and can catch up to close on the receiver. Quick feet in his backpedal, he knocks down catchable balls. Sticky in coverage, he plays with confidence. Menelik Watson is a big and rangy developmental offensive tackle who can pull and run. A zone blocking tackle, he can overwhelm a defender once he gets on them. He is fundamentally unsound and needs technique work in every phase of his game. A work in progress, he is inconsistent as a run blocker and pass protector. Outside linebacker Sio Moore played for the Raiders’ staff in the Senior Bowl. He demonstrated in OTAs that he is versatile enough to play in the base 4-3 package or move outside and rush the passer with his hand on the ground. A good football player, he possesses very good range, speed, and lateral quickness. He gets through traffic without breaking stride. A good open field tackler, he keeps leverage on the ball. In practice he has displayed energy and a good motor. Tyler Wilson showed off his arm strength and accuracy in mini camp. One of the biggest problems was the receivers being able to handle the velocity of his passes. He is a competitor who needs more consistency in his decision making and ball placement. Wilson demonstrates the feel to buy time in the pocket, letting the play develop. He is determined to stay in the pocket. Nick Kasa also played for the Raiders’ staff in the Senior Bowl and made a good impression during the week. He is still developing as a tight end as he is a former three-year defensive end. A raw talent, he has good speed for a big man to threaten the downfield void in cover two. He gives an aggressive effort blocking. Stout enough to play on the line of scrimmage as a blocker, he is athletic enough to be a move tight end or H-back. Running back Latavius Murray has been impressive in mini camp and OTAs. A big downhill runner, he is best tackle to tackle. The Raiders are going to try and get him in the open field as a receiver as well as a runner. As with all young running backs, Murray will be working on pass protection once the pads go on in the fall. He has the size and willingness to be effective. Mychal Rivera is a sure-handed receiving tight end who is effective working the short and intermediate areas of zone defenses. He doesn’t get held up on the line of scrimmage. Athletic after catch, he has good open field instincts. An H-back prospect, he is versatile enough to align at several different positions. Stacy McGee played in only six games in 2012 for the Sooners after being suspended twice. He has a record of being an underachiever on the field and questionable character off of it. Brice Butler (6032, 214) is a big athletic receiver who transferred to San Diego State after graduating from Southern California. He caught 24 passes for 347 yards and four touchdowns. Raiders’ receiver coach Ted Gilmore coached Butler at USC. His pro day measurables were 4.39/40, 39/VJ, 10-9/BJ, 4.41/SS, and 6.75/3 cone. David Bass is a good athlete and was a dominant Division II player with explosive first step quickness. He has long arms and big hands for the position. Extremely productive, he had 56 tackles for loss and 39.5 sacks over his college career. He was not out of place at the East/West Shrine practices. He relies on quickness to beat a block. GRADE: AVERAGE.

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