Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2013 NFL Draft Review

Johnthan Banks

Johnthan Banks will battle Eric Wright for the opportunity to play across from free agent pickup Darrelle Revis. During OTAs, Banks started at left corner with Revis out and Leonard Johnson came in as the third corner. Banks is a slender, wiry, competitive corner with long arms. He has good length for the position as well as good hands and ball skills. In his Bulldog career he had 16 interceptions. He has loose hips, foot quickness, change of direction, and hip flexibility. Mike Glennon has been working on his decision making in OTAs, going through his read progressions and taking some steam off his checkdown passes. Before he can make a move to challenge Josh Freeman, he must beat out backup Dan Orlovsky. Glennon has limited mobility and inconsistent accuracy. He is a guy that needs a clean pocket to step up into to be successful. He needs to put more muscle on his slender build. Akeem Spence made noise in mini camp and OTAs by going full speed in shorts and t-shirts. It was the way he played at Illinois, but the veterans got him to gear it down until training camp. An under tackle prospect, he must beat out Gary Gibson to work his way into the front rotation. He plays low and with leverage, using his thickly built body to clog up running lanes. William Gholston is a long and versatile athlete who batted down ten passes and collected 59 tackles in his junior year. A power player, he is best in the run game but has the physical gifts to contribute as a pass rusher once he develops his bag of tricks. He can also play down inside as a defensive tackle. Steven Means (6035, 257) is a developmental pass rusher who must make the team as a special teams’ standout. The Bucs were impressed by his speed and athletic ability. As a senior he had 6.5 sacks and 11 tackles for loss. At his pro day his results were: 4.70/40, 21/BP, 38.5/VJ, 10-8/BJ, 4.31/SS, and 7.26/3 cone. Mike James has the inside track on backing up rookie sensation Doug Martin. A one cut downhill zone runner, he has a lot of tread left on his tires with only 304 career carries. He flashes speed and balance and has good power in his lower body, driving his legs on contact. An instinctive runner, he gets the tough short yards. GRADE: AVERAGE.

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