Draft Rewind 2014: Travis Swanson, Detroit Lions

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said leading up to the 2014 NFL Draft about TRAVIS SWANSON: Arkansas, 6050, 312, 5.28. Four-year starter and a two-year captain. A good effort player. Works to finish and stay after his block. New coach Bret Bielema brought a more physical and aggressive attitude to the Razorbacks and Swanson drank the Kool-Aid. Sticks his man with good head position. Quick laterally to lock out with his long arms and big hands. Steers and turns his target. Pulls and runs aggressively. Good contact and follow through. Explosive at the point of attack. Plays with a nasty attitude and confidence. Marginal quickness on long pulls to seal the edge. Loses his feet and body control at times in traffic. OSR:35/40. Fourth/fifth round. (A-33 1/8, H-10, BP-20, 10-1.87).

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