Draft Rewind 2012: Kendall Wright, Tennessee Titans



What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about KENDALL WRIGHT: Baylor, 5102, 196, 4.48. Four-year starter with a career 302 catches good for 4004 yards and 30 touchdowns. Was Robert Griffin III’s go-to receiver. Approximately 40% of RGIII’s passes were targeted to Wright. Ran a 4.61 forty at the Combine, but played faster than verified time. At the Baylor pro day he ran a more realistic 4.48. Good hands to snatch the ball. Can get behind the secondary and separate with quickness and speed. Can adjust well to the ball in flight. Natural receiving skills. Has the feet to get his body in position to catch the ball. Pulls the ball down in a crowd. Good route running ability. He can plant and separate or double move a safety deep. Elusive in space after catch. Runs routes from outside the numbers or in the slot. Runs the curl comeback route like he designed it. Drives defender off and comes back to the ball, turns, and bursts up the field. A three level receiver who runs short, medium, and deep routes. Soft hands. Can catch high, low, and behind him. Finds the open area used on the fly sweeps and end-a-rounds. A threat as a runner. Tough and aggressive downfield blocker. A competitor who plays with confidence. 2011 stats: 108-1663 yds, 15.4 ypr, 14 TDs. OSR:26/42. First/ second round. (A-30 1/2, H-8 5/8, VJ-38, SS-4.03).

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