12/23 Bowl Games: NFL Draft Prospects to Watch

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst



Other Notables:


#52 DE Pat O’Connor – 6’4/270






#6 WR Zach Pascal – 6’2/214


Fifth year senior. Under the radar guy with big time ball skills, up there with the best I’ve seen in this class.  Some guys are fun to watch when it comes to simply catching the ball, he’s one of these.  Has some good triangle numbers as well, led the team in receiving in 2015 and 2016 respectively.  I need to see more, but he may be a dark horse guy of mine to creep up in to the middle rounds.


Other Notables:


#10 QB David Washington – 6’3/210







*#1 WR Carlos Henderson – 5’11/190


Fourth year junior that has not yet declared and I’d lean towards him going back to school. But if he does come out, he will be considered one of the top deep threats in this class.  He’s averaged 20 yards per catch over the past two seasons and also added 2 rushing touchdowns and 2 kick return touchdowns.  He is built well, shows good ball skills, and runs the route tree like a pro.  He is much more than just a straight line guy, there are some NFL-ready caliber traits to his game.  If he comes out and runs well, Henderson could be a dark horse top 45 overall pick.


#5 WR Trent Taylor – 5’8/178


Fourth year senior that has had one of the most productive careers in NCAA history. Team leader in catches and yards each of the past three seasons.  Taylor has combined for 287 receptions/3.686 yards/28 touchdowns since 2014.  He is a slot receiver prospect that is as tough as they come over the middle in traffic.  His short area burst and ability to change direction on a dime while moving at full speed will be sought after.  The lack of size is obviously an issue but more and more guys like this are rising up in the league if they can find the right offense.  If you like UNCs Ryan Switzer, you pretty much have to like Taylor.  He will be at the Senior Bowl.  4th rounder type.


Other Notables:


#7 S Xavier Woods – 5’11/219




Other Notables:

#4 WR Jamir Tillman – 6’4″/212




#93 DE Tarrell Basham – 6’4/262


2016 MAC Defensive Player of the Year. Fourth year senior that has tools, good triangle numbers.  I saw him twice and didn’t  see the burst I wanted to but he was pretty crafty post-engagement.  He can win one on one battles and I think once he gets stronger, he can be a factor in the league.  Not sure I see the starter-type but he will be drafted late.  He’ll play at the Senior Bowl.


#33 LB Blair Brown – 6’0/240


Fifth year senior that has seen steady improvement each year of his career. He has physically developed in to a pro-body and his triangle numbers will be solid in workouts.  Brown is a good downhill presence that can rush the edge as well as fill lanes against the run. He is a good overall player that has as much upside as anyone on this team.  Late rounder that I think is worth taking a chance on.


Other Notables:


#99 DE Kurt Laseak – 6’4/244

#44 DT Casey Sayles – 6’3/288






#53 OT Antonio Garcia 6’7/302


Fifth year senior and four year starter. I’m going to be paying close attention to Garcia.  I’ve only seen him once and I saw some elite left tackle traits but also coupled with some poor technique.  His foot speed, flexibility, and length are tough to find on the same guy.  He will have a couple of tests in this game and at the Senior Bowl in February.  Garcia is a legit candidate for the left tackle that jumps up to, or near the top of the list by May.


Other Notables:


#22 Jalen Rountree – 5’11/177

#7 DE Rashad Dillard – 6’1/255

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