12/26 Bowl Games: NFL Draft Prospects to Watch

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst



#6 WR Rokeem Williams – 6’1/198


Fifth year senior. Nephew of former NFL WR Troy Brown.  Big play guy, has averaged 20+ yards per catch over the past three seasons.  Straight line athlete that will get a second look from teams if he can run a sub 4.45, which most expect.  This will be my first look at him.


Other Notables:


#91 DE JT Jones – 6’3/246






#8 WR Fred Ross – 6’2/205


Fourth year senior. One of the best WRs in school history.  1st Team All SEC in 2015, 2nd Team in 2016.  Smooth route runner that gets in and out of cuts very well for a guy with his length.  His hands are inconsistent, double catches a lot of balls and had a case of the drops throughout this season.  He isn’t very physical, won’t do a ton to break tackles.  Ross is a mid rounder that can likely contribute early on.


#58 OT Justin Senior – 6’5/305


Fourth year senior, three year starter primarily at RT. His future may be inside at the next level, just not a guy that looks good when he is sliding out to the edge.  Senior has really good hands though, good technique and a powerful bunch.  I think he gets drafted late.  Higher upside at OG than OT.


#11 S Kivon Coleman – 6’3/205


Fourth year senior and two year starter. Coverage-savvy defensive back with good hips to turn and run against deep speed.  Quick to diagnose, plays the game with his eyes and reacts quickly.  Not the most physical guy but will stick his hat in the mix against downhill ball carriers.  Late rounder based on being reliable on the back end and some nice tools to work with.


#88 DT Nick James – 6’4/325


Fifth year senior with some off field baggage that needs to be looked in to. Was arrested in August, but was never prosecuted.  Lacks production but this is a guy that deserves another look from teams.  He is a big body that moves very well.  Does a lot of the dirty work inside and can be a handful for interior blockers.  Big time weight room guy that has tools.  Late rounder.


Other Notables:


#60 C Jamaal Clayborn – 6’4/320







Other Notables:


#76 OT Michael Dunn – 6’5/300

#19 WR Teldrick Morgan – 6’0/190

#27 CB Alvin Hill – 6’0/200






*#7 DE Harold Landry – 6’3/250


Junior that hasn’t declared yet, if I had to guess I’d say he will be in this draft class. Landry has a legit shot at round 1 if he does.  Probably best suited for the 3-4 OLB role, Landry is one of those short area burst guys that can beat anyone off the edge but also has a level of lower body balance and power that can be hard to find.  He isn’t just fast in space, he is strong and quick in a phone booth.  His pass rush moves have evolved and it showed, as he led the nation in sacks this year with 15.  Every down defender that I could see going as high as the top 10 overall if he works out well.


#9 S John Johnson – S – 6’0/204


Fourth year senior, two year starter. A few initial looks at Johnson and you won’t see anything eye popping.  But you really have to see him play more than a few times to appreciate all he can do for a defense.  He has starts at S and CB in addition to seeing some time at LB.  Very good special teams defender.  Johnson is a fluid player that reacts well, reads the QB well, and will forecast correctly often.  Smart and reliable guy to have on your back end.  He’ll play at the Senior Bowl and could see him drafted on day 2.


#28 Matt Milano – 6’1/220


Two year starter that played a role that created production. His stats may inflate him a tad but he is still a solid three down defender that can do a few things for a defense.  Fast to react, tough and hardnosed, Milano is a nice weak side fit for most teams.  He can track the back side well and he’ll make the plays when he’s there.  Maybe limited but still a guy that most teams will want towards the end of the draft.


Other Notables:


#36 FB Bobby Wolford – 6’2/248

#93 DE Kevin Kavalec – 6’2/260

#97 Truman Gutapfel – 6’3/288






#21 RB Matthew Dayes – 5’9/203


Fourth year senior. Has led the team in rushing each of the past two years.  Very well balanced runner with a strong stout frame.  Has more speed in the open field than you think, can run away from guys.  Can also wiggle his way out of a tackle.  Very good pass catcher, very good blocker.  Dayes does everything well, but won’t stand out in any lone aspect.  Most will say 5th-6th round, but I think he deserves a 3rd-4th round grade.


#66 C Joe Scelfo – 6’1/295


Fifth year senior, graduate transfer from South Alabama. Had a nice career there and proved he could perform at a high level in the ACC.  Faced some big time competition this year and did well.  Scelfo is very good on the move, excels as a run blocker in space and lateral mover.  He isn’t very big or powerful, thus has a hard time with the bigger bull rushers when he is one on one.  Maybe not a starter in the league but I think he can stick somewhere.  Late rounder.


Other Notables:


#29 CB Jack Tocho – 6’0/200





#74 OT Will Holden – 6’7/314


Fifth year senior, three years of starting experience, two of which at left tackle. 2nd Team All SEC in 2016.  Not a household name here but if you watch him 3 times, you realize he doesn’t get beat often in the SEC.  He wins most of his one on one battles against both speed and power.  Very smart, very sound technique.  His athletic ability and power don’t stand out, but he consistently gets the job done.  I’d be comfortable with him as a backup tackle with the potential of him evolving in to a starter.  4th or 5th rounder.


*#41 LB Zach Cunningham – 6’4/230


Fourth year junior that hasn’t declared yet, most are assuming he will enter the draft. Unanimous All American and 1st Team all SEC after leading the conference in tackles.  I don’t see the star in him as I do with the other SEC linebackers in this class.  He is very long and lean and doesn’t always have the body control I want to see when in traffic.  What he does have is big time speed and versatility.  He may be faster than some WRs in this class and he knows how to use it.  Cunningham makes tackles all over the field and if he can find the right role, he can be an important piece to a good defense.  In the same breath I could see him really struggling if he’s put in to the wrong role.  Likely a day 2 guy.


Other Notables:


#4 CB Torren McGaster

#69 DT Adam Butler – 6’5/295

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