Draft Rewind 2016: Jack Conklin, Tennessee Titans

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JACK CONKLIN: Michigan State, 6056 308 4.99. Junior entry from Plainwell, MI. Started 38 games over three years. All-Big 10 and All-America in 2015. A physical player who was a former walk-on. A blue collar worker who earned a top 3 ranking of 47 offensive linemen athletically at the Combine. Looked more fluid in workouts without his knee braces. An intense scrapper with length, long arms, and big hands to protect the quarterback. Played in a pro style offense and is also finely tuned as a run blocker from a three-point stance. Has an NFL ready build and demonstrates quickness and power in the run game. Good football intelligence and the ability to recover if he oversets in pass protection. Plays with strong hands. Runs his feet once he gets the defensive end moving up the field. Patient to pick up and stone a twist stunt. A consistent effort player who works to finish his blocks. Can stick his foot in the ground and anchor a bull rush. He does give up too much ground at times in pass protection which restricts the pocket. Doesn’t always play with his top level athleticism. Can be beaten off the edge with wide speed and will play upright at times losing his knee bend then having problems with a leverage defender. Missed two games with a knee injury in 2015 and was hampered with knee soreness in other games. Has a good chance to earn a starting right tackle job on Sundays as a rookie with his focus and intensity. A 4- for-1 player capable of playing all four positions but center. OSR:3/ 47. First round. (A-35, H-10 3/8, BP-25, 10-1.76).

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