Atlanta Falcons 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agent:

Ryan Winterswyk, Boise State 6037 268 5.03

Three-and-a-half year starter who is a good effort chase player. Can push the pocket with leverage while running his feet. Played fullback on the goal line and short yardage packages as the lead blocker. Some ball clubs may use him in short yardage and goal line situations as a tight end. An active player who works to finish a play. Motor runs red hot. Not pretty, but effective. Well coached. Good use of hands. A quick learner who is football smart. Plays hard from snap to whistle. Needs to build up more upper and lower body core strength. A developmental player.


Doug Beaumont WR    (Louisville)
Kirk Belgrave DBC   (Kent State)
Kevin Cone WR    (Georgia Tech)
Lucas Cox RBF   (Georgia Tech)
Drew Davis WR    (Oregon)
Paul Fenaroli OLC   (Stoney Brook – NY)
Adam Froman QB    (Louisville)
PJ Gore WR    (Mars Hill)
Matt Hansen DBS   (Rhode Island)
Tom McCarthy DLE   (Yale)
Kamaal McIlwain DBC   (Newberry)
Ryan McMahon OLC   (Florida State)
Thor Merrow RBF   (North Alabama)
Matt Murphy OLT   (UNLV)
Rafael Priest DBC   (TCU)
Andrew Schulze LS    (Iowa)
AJ Simmons TE    (Arizona)
Philip Sylvester RB    (Florida A&M)
LaMarcus Thompson LBO   (Tennessee)
Kiante Tripp DLT   (Georgia)
Suaesi Tuimaunei DBF   (Oregon State)
Darrin Walls DBC   (Notre Dame)
Youri Yenga LBI   (SMU)

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