Chiefs WR Jonathan Baldwin fractures thumb in lockerrom fight

Jonathan Baldwin is regarded as another pass-catching problem child getting injured in a fight with veteran running back Thomas Jones, a man who commands respect and admiration in the locker room for his work ethic and dedication.   Kevin Kietzman of 810 WHB in Kansas City reports that Baldwin cracked his thumb and did not break his wrist as earlier reported. Kietzman also reports that the trouble started a day before the Jones-Baldwin fight, when Baldwin got into a heated exchange with running back Jamaal Charles.   The problem apparently is Baldwin; Kietzman reports that “some vets indicate they can’t stand Baldwin’s sense of entitlement.”-Excerpts from ProFootballTalk and 810 WHB in Kansas City.

Draft Rewind 2011: What Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft said about Baldwin:

Junior entry. Two-year starter. Productive, big physical receiver with long arms and big hands. Excellent reach radius. A hand catcher who can pluck the low ball off his shoe tops or make the one-handed, over the head catch. Can catch the ball and make a play when he’s covered. Uses his body to screen off the defender. Plays the split end or “x” receiver spot and is isolated one on one with corners at times. Takes advantage of the match-up with his imposing size. Good body balance. Attacks the ball at the high point. Powerful long strider. A playmaker with over 20 career receptions of 40-yards or more, including 11 for touchdowns. We’ve seen him dominate and we’ve seen him look mediocre. Needs to take pride in his route running and fine tune his overall game. A high maintenance receiver who has raw tools and talent. Can be an all-pro or a journeyman. It’s up to him. Career stats: 128-2337 yds, 18.3 ypr, 16 TDs. OSR:8/43. Second/third round. (A-33 5/8, H-10 1/8, VJ-42, SS-4.34).

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