Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft

NEWS FLASH–Terrelle Pryor was drafted in the 3rd Round by the Oakland Raiders. No other players were selected.
Terrelle Pryor’s bid to be included in the 2011 Supplemental Draft has been successful as of Thursday morning. The Supplemental draft will be held on Monday  8/22/11. Several teams including the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins have shown interest in the athletic and talented quarterback. Former NFL Scout Dan Shonka’s take on Pryor: Three-year starter with record of 31-4. An ascending right-handed pro quarterback prospect with unique and versatile athletic ability. Possesses the talent and skill set to contribute early in his career and provide impact play. Big, strong, and athletic enough to play a slot receiver position while he is learning all nuances of NFL quarterback play. Caught 3 passes for 2 touchdowns in Buckeye career. In 2010 he demonstrated a command of the offense. When passing the ball he had good arm strength and velocity to throw vertical and all NFL three level routes. Good footwork and balance in the pocket. Keeps his feet alive. Good deep ball accuracy at 50 yards plus. He can hit a moving target in stride downfield with few adjustments. Ball is wobbly at times. Not a perfect spiral. Holds ball up chest to shoulder high. He has developed touch on checkdowns, swing passes, and screens. Quick set up to the throwing point when taking the snap from under center. Approximately a 60/40 ratio of spread shotgun to pro style snap under center. Has a deliberate delivery with a quick wrist snap to get the ball out to his receivers. The nose of the ball will drop at times on short routes causing the football to dive and fall short of the target. Improved his ability in 2010 to pre-read, sight adjust, and locate secondary receivers. Noticeable improvement in his field vision and awareness in 2010. Appeared to read defenses better out of the shotgun than when taking snaps and dropping back to throwing point. Better anticipation in 2010 but rarely had to throw into tight windows. His receivers were generally wide open. Poised in the pocket. Was more confident with his protection in 2010. Keeps his eyes down the field. Has courage, doesn’t panic, and is determined to stay in the pocket. Stands tall and steps up when he feels pressure. Spreads the ball around to wide receivers, backs, and tight ends. Throws the complete route tree vertically and horizontally. Can make plays on the move, particularly running and passing to his left. Can buy time and extend a play. Creates plays with his feet. Natural athleticism. Can avoid and escape the rush with suddenness. Demonstrates the ability to reset his body with balance to make a quick and accurate throw. Dangerous when he pulls the ball down and runs to daylight. A smooth and explosive athlete with long strides. Has the innate speed and strength to run away from defenders. Uses a straight arm to ward off tacklers. Possesses functional speed and quickness. The Buckeyes ran a read option series out of their spread formation. Pryor’s decision making and consistency improved in 2010. Strong enough to shake off arm tackles or pass rushers in the pocket. Not easy to tackle. Finishes his runs. Elusive in the open field. Big, strong, and durable. Clutch ability to perform in crucial situations. Moves the team when needed, especially with the game on the line. He does have a bad habit of carrying the ball in the one hand or out away from his body, setting up a fumble or strip opportunity. He will also throw back across his body and the defense at times. Terrelle Pryor is an ultra competitive, playmaking, passionate, and athletic quarterback who played in a structured offensive scheme at Ohio State. He concluded his three-year college career in 2010 with six of his top eight performances. Productive with 6177 career passing yards (fifth at OSU), completed 16 consecutive passes in a game (second all time in the Big-10). Only six times in OSU history has a quarterback rushed for 100 yards and passed for 200 yards or more in the same game. Pryor did it five times. He is the Ohio State all-time quarterback rushing leader with 2164 yards (fourth on the Big-10 all-time list). Tenth in the country in 2010 in passing efficiency with 159.88 rating. Pryor had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee in February 2010 after partially tearing his posterior cruciate ligament. He also had surgery on 1/7/11 to stabilize a ligament in his right foot injured in the Sugar Bowl.
Pryor will need to learn and continue to improve on all the nuances and fundamentals of the pro passing game – decision making (judgment and decisiveness), accuracy, consistency, ability to anticipate windows in coverage (throw to spots), ability to handle adjustments, game management, react to adversity, reliability, and leadership. Most of his leadership qualities appear as a playmaker on the field. Pryor made the comment during his junior year that he didn’t work as hard as he could have his first two years and started to believe all the hype before the light went on in 2010. Projected to apply for Supplemental Draft this summer. MVP in 2011 Sugar Bowl, MVP in 2010 Rose Bowl. Beat Michigan three straight years along with three Big-10 championships.Big-10 2008 Freshman of the Year. USA Today High School Player of the Year in 2007, led his team to state championships in both football and basketball at Jeannette (PA) High School. Born 6/20/89. The Cleveland Plain Dealer called the high school recruitment of Terrelle Pryor the most publicized recruiting saga in college football history. Has red flags that need to be addressed.  A first/second round developmental talent. Would be a third round steal.
Arkansas Game ComparisonTotal yds Passing Stats Rushing Score
Terrelle Pryor 336 14/25, 221 yds, 2 TDs 15/115 won 31-26
Cam Newton 329 10/14, 140 yds, 1 TD 25/189, 3 TDs won 65-43
Pryor through the years
Passing Stats TD/INTs Rushing TD LG
2010 210/323 2772 yds 65.0% 27 – 11 135/754 4 66
2009 167/295 2094 yds 56.6% 18 – 11 162/779 7 43
2008 100/165 1311 yds 60.6% 12 – 4 139/631 6 38
Totals 477/783 6177 yds 60.9% 57 – 26 436/2164 17 66
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