Quarterback Film Notes: Senior Bowl

Kirk Cousins - Michigan State

The following notes of note are snippets that were taken at live practices, practice tape and game tape.  Ourlads NFL Scouting Services  studied over  600 players from seven college all-star games. The Senior Bowl: Kirk Cousins (Michigan State) – 6022, 209. Started out the week well and continued his accuracy, good decision making, and intangibles through Saturday’s game. Can throw accurately with pressure in his face. Processes information quickly and makes reliable and consistent decisions with the ball. Stays in the pocket but will step up and run if there is an opening. High release point. Keeps eyes on defense down the field. Kellen Moore (Boise State) – 5116, 191. An outstanding competitor who lacks the prototype physical skills. Keeps his eyes down the field. Poised in the pocket with good anticipation, timing, intelligence, and ball placement. Left handed passer who is a student of the game. Recognizes matchups and coverages. Balanced as he moves around in the pocket to throw through the passing lanes. A talented passer who is not a vertical down the field threat. Russell Wilson (Wisconsin) – 5105, 203. Confirmed suspicions that he is an accurate and consistent passer outside the pocket. The shortest of all the quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl, he is athletic and talented. He features a high and quick release. Plays with confidence and poise. Buys time on a broken play. Plays well under pressure. Stays with his progression and can find the open receiver. He has good anticipation, timing, and rhythm to his game. He brings the ability to run the ball as an added dimension. Nick Foles (Arizona) – 6050, 244. Consistent accuracy during the week. Possesses an NFL caliber arm. A big right handed passer who stands tall and can slide around in the pocket. Throws with a 3/4 release. Not an elusive scrambler but can run for positive yards. Has the strength to ward off tacklers. Will challenge coverage at times throwing into a double covered receiver. Needs to be more consistent in his set up and footwork technique. Ryan Lindley (San Diego State) – 6036, 229. Demonstrated good arm strength during the week. He can throw a 14- yard frozen rope out. Made several questionable decisions throwing into coverage (surprising because there were only two coverages.) His ball had a tendency to rise and take off at times. At times he threw a very tight spiral with a lot of RPMs. He can stretch a defense vertically and horizontally. Played his best during the week when he was in rhythm from head to toe. Must be fundamentally sound to succeed on Sundays. Has tools and talent. Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State) – 6034, 219. Mature and focused. Picked up the offense quickly. Good accuracy and ball placement during the week. Demonstrated good arm strength on pro caliber routes. Good poise in the pocket. Plays with confidence and a sudden release. He’s a natural passer who can make all three level passes – short, medium, and long. Can throw the deep ball with accuracy. A deadly passer when he’s on his spot. Good anticipation to throw a receiver open. His head is always in the game. He watched the opponent’s defense when he was on the bench.

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