Running Back Film Notes: Senior Bowl

Bradie Ewing - Wisconsin

The following notes of note are snippets that were taken at live practices, practice tape and game tape.  Ourlads NFL Scouting Services  studied over  600 players from seven college all-star games. The Senior Bowl: Bradie Ewing (Wisconsin) – 5115, 241. Is a third guard that lines up in the backfield. Caught a wheel route that was contested in the game as well as carrying the ball for a first down (his first carry of the year.) He possesses powerful hips and is explosive on his fit and follow through blocks. Dan Herron (Ohio State) – 5092, 212. Good vision and running skills. Runs hard with the ability to bounce the ball outside. A slash type runner. Hands are good enough to line up in the slot. A downhill runner who uses a stiff arm to ward off blockers. Compact build where he bounces off tacklers. More powerful than size dictates. Doug Martin (Boise State) – 5090, 219. Is a physical football player who would be an asset to any team. Physical runner who runs hard with good contact balance. A few notes on his game performance include a tackle on an interception, cut block that got Melvin Ingram on the ground, a downfield block on a touchdown run, broke tackles with his strong running style and returned kickoffs – enough said. Isaiah Pead (Cincinnati) – 5097, 193. Electrified his team in the game with 60 and 36 yard punt returns. A patient runner who sets up his blockers. A third down type back. He was more of a lateral type runner in college. He demonstrated his North/South ability during the week. Strong enough to break arm tackles. Good contact balance. Elusive in space. Chris Polk (Washington) – 5104, 224. Appears to be a downhill on track runner who is more power than creative in his runs. Quick start and stop moves. A heavy runner who runs hard. A slasher with good feet and contact balance. Flashes an upfield burst.

Vick Ballard - Mississippi State

Vick Ballard (Mississippi State) – 5101, 217. Is a downhill slasher who runs hard between the tackles. Natural hands on swing passes and check downs, but Tuesday his hands looked like feet. Just a bad day – generally dependable. A strong runner with competitive speed. Must hold the ball high and tight to avoid ball security problems. Downhill one cut runner. Uses stiff arm. Chad Diehl (Clemson) – 6014, 257. Suffered a concussion the first day of practice and was replaced by Lennon Creer of Louisiana Tech. Terrance Ganaway (Baylor) – 5114, 241. Is a powerful between the tackles runner who needs to elevate his blocking skills. Steps through tackles. Will give second and third effort driving for the extra yard. Gashes the middle of the line running North and South. A power runner with some bend and weave down the field. Chris Rainey (Florida) – 5083, 178. A talented and speedy utility back who can line up in the slot, out wide, or in the backfield to take advantage of matchups. Quick and sudden out of his breaks. Ran by Jenkins and Boykin Tuesday in practice and caught passes. Lennon Creer (Louisiana Tech) – 5116, 222. Was a late addition after an MVP performance in the Shrine Game. Finishes his runs with strength and power. Impressed the scouts with his ability to pass protect in drills. Worked to finish his blocks. Runs with good body lean and is a downhill one cut zone type runner.

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