Offensive Line Film Notes: East-West Shrine Game

Joe Long - Wayne State (MI)

The following notes of note are snippets that were taken at live practices, practice tape and game tape. Ourlads NFL Scouting Services studied over 600 players from seven college all-star games. The East-West Shrine Game: Jeff Adams (Columbia) – 6060, 306, arms 34 3/8”. Has some tools to work with such as size, but he plays high and lacks hip flexibility. Struggles versus the speed and power rush. Derek Dennis (Temple) – 6030, 315, arms 33”, hands 10”. Thick lower body. Good bend and punch. Physical blocker who must keep his feet moving to create a running lane. Was bull rushed by Kyle Wilber. Struggled to anchor. Lamar Holmes (Southern Mississippi) – 6051, 320, arms 35 ¼”. Thick lower body. Always played in a 2-point preset stance in college. Question balance and anchor ability. Can be put on skates if he doesn’t bend his knees. Will drop his head and hands in pass protection. Needs to work on his hand use. Tyler Horn (Miami) – 6036, 308. Did not play to his size. Lacks strength at point of attack. Got driven back into backfield. Rishaw Johnson (California-PA) – 6034, 309, arms 34 ½”, hands 11”. Mauler type physical blocker who struggled on the first day of practice. Has consistent breakdowns in technique. Loses concentration and jumps the count at times. Transferred from Mississippi. Joe Long (Wayne State-MI) – 6054, 308, arms 34” hands 10”. His ability as a long snapper will go a long way in helping him make a roster. Brother of Dolphins’ Jake Long. Struggled with edge speed and anchor strength. Best position will be guard. Quentin Saulsberry (Mississippi State) – 6024, 302, arms 33 5/8”, hands 10”. Played guard most of the year and worked at center during the week. Played all offensive line positions for the Bulldogs. Can pull and seal the edge. Effective to cut off second level defenders. Locks on defender and gets movement. Plays on his feet. Bradley Sowell (Mississippi) – 6067, 316. Is a waist bender who struggles to anchor in the pass game. A fringe athlete with marginal strength.

Jeremiah Warren - South Florida

Jeremiah Warren (South Florida) – 6027, 336, arms 34”, hands 10 3/8”. Good zone blocker in the run game. He took good steps and had his helmet fitted into the defender. Plays with knee bend and flashes a powerful punch. Physical in his play. Powerful lower body and thick hips. Desmond Wynn (Rutgers) – 6053, 305, arms 34”, hands 10”. Has a frame to gain. Stays square. Can get some movement and push in the run game. Good punch and mirror in pass protection. Brandon Brooks (Miami-OH) – 6045, 353, arms 33 ½”, hands 10”. Passed the look test at the weigh-in on Monday. He built on that impressive physical size during the week with consistent practices. Equally as strong as a run blocker and pass protector. Demonstrates quick feet and a solid punch. Good agility in space. Tom Compton (South Dakota) – 6052, 314, arms 33 7/8”. Is a good athlete who plays with good knee bend, base, and flexibility. Will be a developmental tackle or guard. Needs technique work in his overall game. Has natural talent to make a team. Ben Heenan (Saskatchewan-Canada) – 6041, 315, hands 10 1/8”. Is an active and scrappy Canadian who played hard from snap to whistle. Needs technique work. Plays high and gets driven back at times. Tough kid. Marcel Jones (Nebraska) – 6060, 330, arms 34 1/8”, hands 10 ¼”. Position blocker who uses his hands well. Struggled in practice during the week but moved his feet and walled off defenders. Worked to finish in the game. Josh LeRibeus (SMU) – 6031, 316. Physical on down blocks, effective to seal linebackers on the second level. Slides off well on combination blocks. Ryan Miller (Colorado) – 6067, 326. Got work at guard and tackle in practice, but played mainly tackle in the game. A good effort player who has some deficiencies like short arms (32 ½”) but there is a place for him on a roster. Can tie up and run a defensive end around the quarterback. Pulls and walls off linebacker in space. Stays on his feet. Better in the run game. Needs more strength and bend. Al Netter (Northwestern) – 6040, 316, arms 33 1/8”, hands 10”. Works to finish his blocks. Played left tackle in college and got work at guard in practice and the game. Has tools to work with including good technique and hand placement. Moe Petrus (Connecticut) – 6017, 299. Looked out of place at times because he lacks strength and balance in both the run game and pass protection.

Matt Reynolds - BYU

Matt Reynolds (BYU) – 6044, 310, arms 33 1/8. Played most of the game at left tackle. Can sit down and slide his feet in pass protection. One of the few linemen that could stalemate #95, Kyle Wilber. He still needs technique work on a two-move pass rusher. David Snow (Texas) – 6037, 303, hands 10 ¼”. Locks onto defender and runs his feet. Played both center and guard in practice. Worked at center in the game. A scrappy and crafty lineman who is smart and instinctive. Markus Zusevics (Iowa) – 6047, 296, arms 33”. Did not play in the game due to a hamstring injury.

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