Offensive Line Film Notes: Senior Bowl

Mike Adams - Ohio State

The following notes of note are snippets that were taken at live practices, practice tape and game tape. Ourlads NFL Scouting Services studied over 600 players from seven college all-star games. The Senior Bowl: Mike Adams (Ohio State) – 6070, 323, hands 11”, arms 33 ¾”, wing span 82 ½”. Had a good week of practice and was one of the most dominant linemen on either side of the ball in the game. Patient in pass protection. Lets the defender come to him. The rangy tackle plays with good knee bend, base, and balance. Good flexibility for a big man. Redirects and stays square with the ability to mirror a pass rusher. Light feet and finish ability. Competed well against every end including Upshaw and Ingram. Tony Bergstrom (Utah) – 6054, 315, shorter arms than ideal – 31 3/8” but wore out Crawford and Winn in practice. Gets push in the run game. Has technique breakdowns at times. Physical player with good feet. Has a violent punch that can shock a pass rusher. Mike Brewster (Ohio State) – 6042, 310, short arms 31”. Good week of practice and daily one-on-one wars with Mike Martin. Plays square. Plays with a good base and is strong working the combo block to the second level. Good first step where he locks out and grabs cloth. Was consistent on his shotgun snaps. Question anchor and balance at times. Would like to see him finish his blocks more consistently. Garth Gerhart (Arizona State) – 6011, 301, injured first day of practice. Senio Kelemete (Washington) – 6034, 300. Is a competitive tough guy. Plays with an aggressive and physical attitude. Will lock on and ride defensive ends around the quarterback. Maintains a good base and balance. Projects inside to guard. Uses his strong hands effectively to lock on target. Wore out Coples during the game. Also gave Upshaw all he could handle walling him off. Coples got a sack when Kelemete cut him.

Kelechi Osemele - Iowa State

Kelechi Osemele (Iowa State) – 6053, 333, hands 10 3/8”, arms 35 ¼”, wing span 85 ½”. Has talent but loves to lobster grab a defender and hold. When he keeps his hands inside the frame he locks up his target and it’s all over. Plays with a good base and balance. A knee bender who has strength, punch, and plays square. Powerful on down blocks. Flashes the ability to play with aggressiveness and attitude. Natural strength. Sometimes you wonder if there is any compete in this guy, then he’ll go out and crush a defender. Beat by Coples on a double move for a sack. Mitchell Schwartz (California) – 6051, 317, hands 10”, arms 33 1/8”, wing span 81 5/8”. Competitive and impressive blocker in both the run and passing games. Works to finish his blocks. Good use of hands to control and steer defender in pass protection. Johnnie Troutman (Penn State) – 6041, 325, arms 33”. Physical inside player who has a tendency to lose his knee bend. Good mirror and slide in pass protection. Keeps a good base. Good first step initially on his blocks. Inconsistent finish. Effective on pulls and log blocks. Stays on his feet even though he has some stiffness in his lower body. Kevin Zeitler (Wisconsin) – 6037, 315, hands 10 1/8”, wing span 80 3/8”. Struggled during the week with inconsistent play. He got a look at center as Gerhart and Looney went down with injuries. Tough and aware guy who works to finish. Aggressive on base blocks and pulling assignments. Fundamentally sound on combo and double team blocks. Physical attitude. Jeff Allen (Illinois) – 6040, 306, hands 10 1/8”, arms 33 ¼”, wing span 80 3/8”. Good week of practice and followed it up with a solid game. Strong and stout in his play. Played left guard and both tackles one time or another in the game. Quinton Coples had trouble in practice disengaging from Allen. Will Blackwell (LSU) – 6034, 314, hands 10 ½”, arms 33 ¼”, wing span 80 5/8”. A tough and scrappy competitor with limited athletic ability. Was on the ground much of the time and beaten badly in practice pass rush drills. Needs more strength to anchor. Works to finish his blocks. Position blocker who is physical on down blocks. Philip Blake (Baylor) – 6023, 312. Plays with good balance. He got work at right guard along with center. Competes and battles on the line of scrimmage. Best skill is pass protection. Wall off position blocker who stays square as a pass protector. Gets second level push on linebackers in the run game. Plays high and can get put on skates at times. Accurate on shotgun snaps. James Brown (Troy) – 6034, 307, hands 10 ¼”, arms 33 3/8”, wing span 81 ¾”. Tendency to drop his head and his hands in pass protection. Struggled to cut off the inside gap. Lacks the strength to anchor the bull rush. Was put back on his heels.

Cordy Glenn - Georgia

Cordy Glenn (Georgia) – 6054, 346, hands 10”, arms 35 1/8”, wing span 84 5/8”. Had a dominant week of practice and showed his versatility playing left guard and both tackle positions. A big man who can pull and be productive in space. Good angles and feet to seal linebackers on the second level. Powerful and mobile with good balance. Ben Jones (Georgia) – 6025, 304. Can shift his weight quickly and gain an advantage but he struggled with the “Power Pigs” of the North defense. He was driven back into the backfield on more than one play. Played well and aware when no one was on his nose, Flashed an explosive six-inch punch. Cut off inside moves with good lateral agility. Matt McCants (Alabama-Birmingham) – 6055, 309, arms 35”, wing span 82 5/8”. Angular build. Struggled in drills and in the game with edge speed and double move defenders. A waist bender (he doesn’t move his feet) because of his stiff lower body. Gets his shoulders turned in pass protection and opens the gate. Takes bad angles to second level. Zebrie Sanders (Florida State) – 6054, 308, hands 11”, arms 34 5/8”, wing span 83 ½”. Had an up and down week of practice. Plays with a good base and balance in pass protection. Mirrors and shadows defender. Has some rare tools in his long arms and big hands. Has a tendency to lose his feet on the second level. Has good athletic ability and will flash physical play at times. Will overextend on backside cut blocks. Struggles to anchor a bull rush. Needs more strength. William Vlachos (Alabama) – 6003, 306. Short arms 30”. Thick lower base. Locks on a defender to draw a stalemate and get some push. Effective use of hands. Gets some push to create a running base at times. Struggled with quick inside penetrators. Joe Looney (Wake Forest) – 6032, 320. Was injured Tuesday morning tearing a ligament in his foot that will require surgery. Looney replaced Garth Gerhart, Arizona State center who was also injured.

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