2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agents – NFC East – Dallas Cowboys

Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State – 6051 322 5.20 Two-year starter with experience at both right and left tackle. A right tackle or guard only type for the NFL. Generally plays in a two point pre-set stance. Pass protects in a spread high tempo offense. Mirror wall off type blocker. Plays top heavy. Once he locks on he will give the defender a ride up the field. Tendency to play high and gets put on skates and driven back. Marginal foot quickness to handle edge speed rushers. Flashes a solid punch. Heavy legs. Strong on down blocks. Size prospect with inconsistent skills. Had knee surgery before the Senior Bowl. Not invited to the Combine. Seventh round/PFA. (A-33, H-9 1/2, BP-26, 10-1.82).

George Bryan, TE, North Carolina State – 6050 265 5.00 Two-and-a-half year starter. Catches the ball well in a crowd. Good concentration and hands. Solid blocker. Talent to play on Sunday. Has functional speed as a receiver. Doesn’t run well for the watch. Production went down with quarterback Russell Wilson going to Wisconsin and Mike Glennon taking the reins. Heading into last fall, Bryan was a two-time All-ACC performer with 75 catches. He is the all-time leader in touchdown receptions with 17. He can catch the ball when covered. Has the ability to be a move tight end with good body control. Finds the voids in the zone coverage and can sit down in the seams. Plays in the pro and spread offensive scheme where he catches seams, flats, and check downs. Plays on the punt coverage team and wing on field goals and PATs. 2011 stats: 33-331 yds, 10.0 ypr, 4 TDs. Was not invited to the Combine. Sixth/seventh round. (A-33 1/ 4, H-9 3/4, BP-DNP, VJ-DNP).

Ronald Leary, OG, Memphis – 6027 315 5.23 Three-year starter. Lines up at left tackle, projects inside to guard. Plays with a good power base to position and wall off in the run game. Plays square and keeps position on a pass rusher that uses spin moves. Works to sustain and finish his blocks. Plays in a two-point pre set stance. Good change of direction to handle a double move player. Good zone blocker who leaks through and seals on the second level. Initially quick to gain an advantage. Flashes an explosive punch and recoil at times. Gets position and keeps it on a defender. Has power and strength in his hands. Gets control of the breast plate and locks out. Experience at tackle and guard. A good athlete who can stay on his feet and redirect. Will upgrade a current backup. OSR:21/48. Fifth/sixth round. (A-34 3/4, H-8 5/8, BP-30, 10-1.83).

Jeff Adams, OT, Columbia

Cole Beasley, WR, SMU

Tim Benford, WR, Tennessee Tech

Taylor Dever, OT, Notre Dame

Lance Dunbar, RB, North Texas

Harland Gunn, OG, Miami

Saalim Hakim, WR, Palomar

Adrian Hamilton, DE, Prairie View A&M

Charley Hughlett, LS, Central Florida

Donavon Kemp, WR, UTEP

Isaac Madison, DC, Arkansas

Tyrone Novikoff, OT, Idaho

Darrell Scott, RB, South Florida

Lionel Smith, DC, Texas A&M

Andrew Szcrerba, TE, Penn State

Aston Whiteside, LB, Abilene Christian

Eddie Whitley, FS, Virginia Tech

Troy Woolfolk, DC, Michigan



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