2014 NFL Draft – Round 2 Targets by Nolan Kuzmick

by Nolan Kuzmick, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst

Note: Players on this list are included based on their perceived talent versus where they will be drafted. A higher level of confidence is put on these players for either performing to the level of their draft position or outperforming their draft position. There are multiple aspects of these players game that make them unique and sets them aside from the pack.

Round 2 Targets

Jeremiah Attaochu- Georgia Tech, DE/OLB, Sr:

Elite edge rusher that has an explosive burst at the snap. Plays low as he dips under
outside and uses his speed to beat blockers to the corner. Gets his inside leg
past the lineman and plants his outside leg at the corner to turn sharply to
the QB. Shows combative hands and displays a solid rip move. Once he has
defeated his blocker he lunges at the QB wrapping up the sack. Very disruptive
of the pocket, hurrying the play when he doesn’t get there in time for the
sack. Uses his arms to keep separation against blockers and stuff them at the
line against the run and works well down the line. Drops into coverage with the
speed and athleticism to play man. Fits best at DE where he can improve his
handwork and add strength to defend the run. If moved to linebacker he will
need to fine tune as he isn’t experienced there, but he is completely capable
of being coached into a starter at either position.

Gabe Jackson-OG, Mississippi State, rSr:

Shows functional strength in his game, has power through his legs that hold firm in the turf, solid core strength maintain proper body position and an excellent upper body
punch. Jams defenders as they approach the line with a strong pop to the breast
plate, he gathers his base quickly and gets his hands on the rusher when they come
back at him. Locks up with his man and keeps contact with his hands, moving his
feet laterally to stick with the rush. Very effective blocking to open running
lanes, gets his hands on the side of the defender, works his hips around to the
side and down blocks the line driving his legs. His tape against LSU in 2013
was textbook guard play. He doesn’t give up on blocks, often burying defenders
towards the end of the play. At times rushers can use speed to get beside him,
at that point he works them down the way they are heading and works them to the
ground or out of the play. Has experience chop blocking regularly and pulling
to protect the pocket or seal the edge for runners. Has all the tools to be a
top level OG in the NFL.

Troy Niklas- TE, Notre Dame, rJr:

Moves well for his size, can get open and downfield in a hurry. Can stay inline as the
sixth lineman to block and open up holes. Nice leg drive and can block in the
open field as well as hold a pocket or drive defensive lineman off the ball for
running lanes. Uses hands and moves like the swim to get past defenders into
his route(ex defensive lineman) can turn and catch the ball up high above his
head, down below his knees or over the shoulder; hands receiver. Hard to bring
down, solid man that will run over defenders and push for extra yardage and
stretch out for the first down or TD. Long arms, has a large catching radius
and can box out defenders and catch it anywhere the QB needs to put it. Between
his blocking traits and ability as a receiver, he might be the most complete TE
in the draft class.

Allen Robinson-WR, Penn State, Jr:

Great size, nice job catching screens and getting up field fast, follows downfield
blocks well and weaves his way through traffic. Creates space and uses his
frame to wall off defenders and make the catch. Runs smooth routes and can beat
defenders deep on the long ball. Has the size and elevation to get up and get
the ball above defensive backs. Physical when blocking, has the size and
strength to maintain blocks.

Kyle Van Noy-OLB/DE, BYU, rSr:

Athletic pass rusher that can beat blockers to the inside with multiple moves. Uses a
punch, to a quick spin inside. Leads outside and then uses a hop step with a
rip to the inside. Can use his speed to burn around the edge and get to the QB.
Best fit as 3-4 OLB, but his athletic ability makes him a prospect that could
fit in different schemes. Shows a nice drop in zone coverage, staying in front
of routes, can leap up to block the ball. Looks very natural as a pass rusher and
in space, closes fast on the play with direct routes.

Martavis Bryant-WR, Clemson, Jr:

Deep threat, long receiver that defensive backs must stay
behind, spreads the field. Has the ability to adjust to the ball and go up to
make the play above defenders on the deep ball. Shows good hands and straight
line speed when he finds open field. Blocks well downfield with long arms and a
high level of effort. Isn’t leaned on as a possession receiver, but opens up
the offense. Most commonly used on deep routes and in the red zone.


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