2014 NFL Draft – Round 7 Targets by Nolan Kuzmick

by Nolan Kuzmick, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst

Note: Players on this list are included based on their perceived talent versus where they will be drafted. A higher level of confidence is put on these players for either performing to the level of their draft position or outperforming their draft position. There are multiple aspects of these players game that make them unique and sets them aside from the pack.

Round 7 Targets

Tariq Edwards- Virginia Tech, OLB, rSr:
Overlooked after an injured Junior season, bounced back for a solid Senior year
to match his Sophomore season. Has lined up at ILB, on the edge, outside man up
on WRs and has performed well at each spot. A do-it-all defender that has the
size and speed to match his natural game play. Sticky pass coverage on RBs and
TEs, using his long gets arms to break up the pass. Closes hard when the ball
is arriving and breaks passes up with high impact. Has played zone out in the
flat and has ran man down the field. Has shown his ball skills, batting balls
out of the air and diving to make interceptions. Hurries the QB and records
sacks regularly when rushing. Flows well, has good hip movement, long precise
strides, energy, speed and power, one of the top LB steals.

Tracy Moore-Oklahoma State, rSr:
Hard nose wide receiver that can run over defenders and has a powerful stiff-arm, often
pushing men to the ground. Uses his hands to make the catch, and has fast hands
to secure the ball in his arm pit and get up field right away recording a
majority of his yards after the catch, breaking through contact and spinning to
space. Finds open ground on slants across the middle, not afraid to take hits
will run up the middle and get up with aggression after being laid out.
Projected as a TE out of HS and plays like an undersized receiving TE on the
outside, mismatch type guy.

Evan Finkenberg- Arizona State OT, rSr:
Nice leg drive and ability to get to linebackers. Walls off defenders well and has a
powerful initial pop, against Texas Tech he knocked down the defensive lineman
with his quick punch. Keeps his feet chopping when pass blocking to stabilize
himself while defenders contact him. Shows good awareness bouncing from one
rusher to another during stunts. Can lay a block on the initial defender and
move up the the 2nd level to stop two opponents from making the
play. Keeps his hands inside and locks in on his assignment, holding blocks
long enough.

Chad Abram- FB, Florida State, Sr:
Switched from safety to FB sophomore year and played primarily
special teams sophomore and junior years. Special team standout that was known
for blocking as well as working downfield in kickoff/punt coverage. Senior year
became starting FB to pave the way for a strong rushing attack. Used mainly as
a lead blocker that can clear the path knocking over defenders or getting
enough chip on them to let the back get past. Gets to the contact fast and ties
up defenders. Has the ability to run the ball on short yardage situations and
grind out the tough yards. Is a receiving threat out of the backfield, three of
his nine catches went for TDs. One of the best FBs in the class that will get a
lot of work in on special teams as well.

Chaz Sutton- South Carolina, DE/DT, rSr:
Effective pass-rusher with good length, can line in inside and create penetration from DT
or line up on the edge. Quick release at the snap, gets to the QB. Great speed
and athleticism, often catches the ball carrier from the backside surveying off
the edge and working down the line in a hurry. Has solid swim and rip moves and
can get skinny and work his way through blockers. Shows an effective bull rush
at times, has ran over OGs. Needs to improve against the ground game, gets high
and loses the leverage battle, or continues to work down the line until he can
get up field and gets pushed out of the play. Adding strength and working on
standing up offensive linemen in the hole and using his long arms to detach and
stop runs would be ideal.

Calvin Barnett- Oklahoma State, DT, Sr :
Thick player who has a nice combination of strength and short area quickness. Has a
mean side, throwing late hits on the QB, close-lining ball carriers and
blind-siding players that aren’t near the play. Needs to clean his game up and
use his mean side to his advantage between the whistles. Works down the line
well, delaying the RB from picking a lane and allowing his teammates to read
the play and get to the ball. Has some moves, but needs to improve there. When
he gets off blocks he closes on the QB instantly. Needs to work on disengaging
from blocks, at times the ballcarrier runs right past him as he is locked up.

Kevin Graf- USC OT, rSr
Quick off the snap, shows anticipation with his blocking, protects the inside. Has a mean side,
and plays to/through the whistle, sticks with his blocks. Locks up with defenders and
keeps his hands inside. At times he anticipates defenders to hit the edge or
inside and gets out of position and lets his footwork get a little sloppy
(crossed his feet, and more of a hop then a kick slide). Buries defenders and
lays on them to ensure they don’t get up and make the play. Good size, strength
and awareness, needs to work on technique, but with coaching he can become a
starting RT.

Tim Flanders–RB, Sam Houston State, rSr:

Runs with good pad level and can push for extra yards while being tackled, puts his
shoulder down and inflicts the hit. Has a nice slide hop sideways to find the
running lane, great lateral movement. Runs with nice patience, but gets upfield
immediately once it’s open. Has good hands out of the back field, gets out of
the back field fast and finds open field, can catch the intermediate to long
balls. Can grind out the tough yards and shows a burst of speed. Efficient
style runner who gets the tough yards and can break it. Smaller school talent
that didn’t receive enough recognition.

Branden Oliver–RB, Buffalo, rSr:
Powerful back with good size to run over guys and carry them with him. Can be used in
short yardage situations, but also has the speed to weave through defenders and
find the end zone. Doesn’t have the fastest cuts, but settles his feet and
prepares for impact and takes time to cut in the correct direction, once he
decides he has good acceleration. Has the ability to lose defenders with his
cuts and find open field. Showed improvement in his catching, pass protection
and quickness in cuts during his senior season.

Bennie Fowler- Michigan State, rSr:
He is a reliable weapon that can catch the ball in traffic. Physical body receiver that
can use his frame to assist him in making the play. Uses his strength as a
blocker and puts forth a lot of effort in the run game. Gets behind defenders
to be a big play receiver. He has improved at creating space between himself
and defenders, but is not the burner type that finds himself wide open. Can
contribute on special teams as a return man.

Chidera Uzo-Diribe- Colorado, DE, Sr:
Shows a nice edge rush, using his speed and hands to get outside of blockers. Once he
gets past the lineman he takes a sharp angle to the QB, not looping too far
behind him, and gets his arms out to attempt to strip the ball. Has good
pursuit to chase the play down and make the tackle, holds contain. Needs to
improve his technique and incorporate more moves in getting off blockers.
Blockers get used to his moves as the game goes, uses two moves. Is more
present in the pass rush than in the run game, needs to hold the edge and get
upfield and off blocks instead of getting stood up and losing vision of the
play. Very raw, but has good athleticism to work with, high ceiling on this
developmental project.



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