Mike Wallace Traded to Vikings

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst


 WR Mike Wallace TRADED to Minnesota


 One of the top deep threats in the league fell out of favor with the Dolphins coaching staff and before it got too ugly, they shipped him to a team on the rise.  The Vikings have a solid ground attack and chain-moving offense but lacked a deep threat.  Wallace lacks a complete game but he can run under the deep ball and force the defense to react.  Teddy Bridgewater showed some of his high ceiling that made him a 1st round pick in 2014 but without speedy receivers that stretch the defense, his potential is limited.  Nice job by the Vikings to add a different kind of weapon to their young QB’s arsenal.

 What’s Next?

A lot remains to be projected with the Vikings based on what the deal is with Adrian Peterson.  The keys may be given to Bridgewater soon but as long as AP is on the team, it’s his bus.  With that in mind, this team will continue to use resources on power blocking linemen and upgrades to their defense.  Look for them to add a better presence behind Peterson on the depth chart for AP insurance.

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