Senior Bowl and East West Shrine Game Offensive Line


Ali Marpet – Hobart

Max Garcia OC (Florida) – 6040, 305. Can bend and generally played in a bent knee athletic position on pass protection sets, but struggled some with outside speed rushers. Chris Jasperse OC (Marshall) – 6030, 297. Was a late addition. Got bounced around some but showed a degree of positive energy. Inconsistent sustain and finish with one-on-one blocks. Struggled with inside counter moves. Needs to improve his lower body flexibility. Dillon Day OC (Mississippi State) – 6040, 305. A journeyman type blue collar center. Lacks lower body explosiveness. Was picked up after his play in the East-West Shrine game. Struggled to maintain his position against the defensive tackles. Reese Dismukes OC (Auburn) – 6030, 295. Flashed decent initial quickness, balance, and body control. Generally took good fundamental first steps off the ball showing awareness and inline blocking savvy. Not an explosive or powerful type, but can wall off his target. Laken Tomlinson OG (Duke) – 6030, 323. A good body frame with thickness in his upper and lower body. Long arms and big hands for the position. Good initial quickness and got movement with double team blocks. Can bend and showed good location and hand placement. Robert Myers OG (Tennessee State) – 6050, 329. Starting experience in college at both tackle and right guard. Functional foot mobility. Plays balanced and with good body control. A developmental prospect with good measurables but inconsistent skills. Arie Kouandjio OG (Alabama) – 6050, 318. Demonstrated better hip flexibility and redirect agility than many of his counterparts. Shifts his weight and pulls with good technique. Generally got a hat on defenders when on the move. Plays with good effort. Shaq Mason OG (Georgia Tech) – 6020, 310. A late addition that is transitioning from an option blocking offensive lineman to a pro style blocker. Struggled the first day of practice but improved during the week. Shorter than ideal, but showed good balance and body control. Flashed a quick handed punch. Tre Jackson OG (Florida State) – 6040, 323. Quickest hands of all the Senior Bowl offensive linemen. Good first step quickness with balance and body control. Works feet to contest and sustain blocks versus down defenders. Could have finished second level blocks more consistently. Trent Brown OT (Florida) – 6080, 376. Moved inside at Florida because he struggled with edge speed. Decent athletic ability, but is carrying some extra “fleshy” weight. Has foot mobility and agility for the position. Did not finish practice or play in Senior Bowl game. Rob Havenstein OT (Wisconsin) – 6070, 332. Good upper and lower body frame and strength. Worked at both right and left tackle during practice, but projects to be a starting right tackle when drafted. Has some former Eagles’ Jon Runyan in him. Good lateral agility and foot movement. Donovan Smith OT (Penn State) – 6060, 341. A wide bodied thick framed tackle with extra body weight. He has good foot mobility and athletic enough for the right tackle position. Sustained his inline blocks. Struggled blocking move linebackers on the second level. Jamil Douglas OT (Arizona State) – 6040, 307. Got repetitions at both guard and tackle during the week. Good position flexibility for the next level. Demonstrated toughness and athleticism in his play. Willing to work his feet to sustain his inline blocks. TJ Clemmings OT (Pittsburgh) – 6050, 307. Struggled during the week by playing too high and straight-legged out of his stance. Took the bend out of his knees too often on pass sets. He wasn’t much better as a run blocker, had problems with outside speed rushers. Lacked redirect quickness. Ali Marpet OT (Hobart) – 6040, 307. The most intriguing offensive lineman at the 2015 Senior Bowl. Has a good sturdy frame and upper and lower body muscularity. Was gritty and scrappy in his step up in competition. Didn’t look out of place. May end up at the center position. Austin Shepherd OT (Alabama) – 6040, 324. Worked in practice at both guard and tackle but was not overly powerful or explosive in his play. More of a wall off and steer inline blocker. Plays in a bent knee position but has problems with two move defenders. Daryl Williams OT (Oklahoma) – 6050, 334. Has all the athletic tools and long arms for the position. Good upper and lower body thickness. Lacks explosiveness in his play. Athletic enough to bend as a drop back pass protector. A right tackle or guard in a zone blocking scheme. Blaine Clausell OT (Mississippi State) – 6060, 315. Late addition. Has good size, long arms (34″), and big hands (11 1/8″). Looks to have some athletic mobility and agility for the tackle position. Gets out of his stance quickly and shows some good lateral slide agility. La’el Collins OT (LSU) – 6050, 308. Passes the look test physically and has smooth athletic movement but is not as powerful or explosive. He has position flexibility where he could play any position along the offensive line. He can bend and is light on his feet. Ty Sambrailo OT (Colorado State) – 6060, 309. Tall with a big boned frame that needs more upper and lower body strength. Can bend and drop his butt in pass protection sets, but is inconsistent with hand location and lacked an explosive punch. Struggled with his lower body anchor.


BJ Finney – Kansas State

David Andrews (Georgia) – 6031, 294. A scrappy and competitive pivot who is a center only guy. Gets downfield on run and screen blocks. Struggled mightily in one-on-one situations. Lacks functional strength to anchor a bull rush and to drive block in the run game. Dillon Day (Mississippi State) – 6037, 310. Plays with intensity and a nasty streak. Gets some movement in the run game. Shane McDermott (Miami) – 6035, 302. Had a tendency to come off the ball high. Played left guard and center in the game. Also did the long snapping for the East squad. A center only interior lineman. Ben Beckwith (Mississippi State) – 6037, 317. Shorter arms than ideal, but plays with good hand placement. During the week he played with attitude and aggression. Played square and sustained his blocks. Jon Feliciano (Miami) – 6041, 335. A tough guy who needs to play lower. Physical inline and takes good angles to the second level. A steady blue collar worker type. John Miller (Louisville) – 6030, 315. Possibly the number one power player in the game and practice for either team. A competitive road grader with good arm length. Gets movement in the run game with power and footwork. Jamon Brown (Louisville) – 6043, 330. Played both right tackle and guard in practice. He struggled in one-on-one drills Tuesday, but on game day demonstrated power and finish. Plays with a good base and could possibly go inside at guard. Mark Glowinski (West Virginia) – 6045, 310. Played guard for the Mountaineers but received work at right tackle which will help his versatility going forward. He had a good week of practice and above average use of line technique. Sean Hickey (Syracuse) – 6056, 308. Is a technician with light feet and a good base. Bends his knees and uses good hand placement on the breast plate to steer target. Darrian Miller (Kentucky) – 6051, 293. Impressed during the game and practice week with his left tackle foot quickness. Built like Lomas Brown. Smart and aware. Good redirect ability. Just needs more upper and lower body strength. BJ Finney (Kansas State) – 6040, 324. In a nutshell, suspicions were confirmed. A complete center who was a former high school wresting champ. The co-Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year was a solid combination of technique and intelligence. Good hand placement. Collin Rahrig (Indiana) – 6020, 291. If a team wants an athletic pulling center, this Hoosier is your man. A leverage blocker who is smart and can bend. Center looks like his NFL position. Brandon Vitabile (Northwestern) – 6021, 304. Physically looks like a Chicago beverage delivery man, but is smart, focused, and gets the job done. Needs some technique work in pass protection but is tough to beat on the line of scrimmage. Greg Mancz (Toledo) – 6047, 307. Injured a shoulder Tuesday and was lost for the week, but before he was sidelined he showed his versatility along the line of scrimmage. Demonstrated that he can pull and clean up a linebacker in the screen game. Adam Shead (Oklahoma) – 6037, 340. Long arms and big hands. Needs work in pass protection. A man blocker more than a quick footed zone mover. Anchors well in pass protection. Mickey Baucus (Arizona) – 6074, 309. Long frame and has a solid leg drive. Good hustle and downfield effort on pull. Plays physical and smart. Cameron Clemmons (Western Kentucky) – 6063, 300. Active feet. Plays with good strength and effort. Plays square and has smooth footwork in pass protection to run a defensive end up the field. Tayo Fabuluje (TCU) – 6066, 359. Is a long-armed wide bodied people mover in the run game. Carries his weight well. Keeps his hands inside the breast plate and shadows his target. Has a strong anchor. Bobby Hart (Florida State) – 6046, 336. Played both guard and tackle. Long arms and big hands. Played high at times and struggled with hand placement. Terry Poole (San Diego State) – 6051, 307. Has a frame to gain more weight if he stays at tackle. Competitive and strong. Can anchor a bull rush with knee bend. Played both left tackle and left guard in the game.



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