Senior Bowl and East West Shrine Game Defensive Line


Carl Davis – Iowa

Nate Orchard DE (Utah) – 6030, 251. Quick hands. Good read step when playing over a tight end. Explosive attacking blocks, controlling the blocker, and shedding. Rushes well with his hand in the dirt. Can get around the corner with power and speed. Hau’oli Kikaha DE (Washington) – 6020, 246. Explosive attacking blockers. Plays with a good pad level getting separation. Has the ability to redirect off a block. Can be a little out of control at times and will over pursue. Za’Darius Smith DE (Kentucky) – 6050, 270. Has the hand strength to shake a tight end then get upfield to rush the passer. A competitor who moves quickly on movement. A high effort athlete that works hard to get to the quarterback. Also received some work as a drop linebacker. Henry Anderson DE (Stanford) – 6060, 287. Great effort player that has a tendency to play high and lose his knee bend. Finishes the play by running to the ball and getting in on the tackle. Holds his ground when he bends and stays low. Deion Barnes DE (Penn State) – 6040, 260. Received extra work as a drop linebacker as well as a pass rusher. A good athlete who has a knack to rush the passer. Needs more upper and lower body strength. Marcus Hardison DE (Arizona State) – 6030, 311. Loses his knee bend and plays high. Gives a good days work. Gets his hands up in the throwing lane. Uses a quick spin move to get out of trouble. Has first step quickness and a quick upfield move to get inside pressure on the quarterback. Preston Smith DE (Mississippi State) – 6050, 270. Long frame with long arms (34”) and big hands (10 5/8”). Can push the pocket from the edge. Was an anchor end for the Bulldogs. Blue collar worker that can lock out, shed, change directions, and make a play. Has strength to split a double team. Trey Flowers DE (Arkansas) – 6020, 268. A versatile player who can move around to various spots and is scheme friendly. Practiced best as a strong side 4-3 end. Needs work as a pass rusher to develop a variety of moves. Owamagbe Odighizuwa DE (UCLA) – 6030, 266. Showed some flashes during the week as an edge player. He was quick, fluid, and tough to block in the one-on-one drills. Not a quick twitch player. “Double O” may be more of a tease as he struggled to get off blocks at UCLA. Did not make a play in the game. Markus Golden DE (Missouri) – 6020, 255. Spent most of his time at defensive end, not linebacker. High motor pass rusher that reminds us of the Eagles’ Trent Cole. Has an explosive first step. Relentless in his play. Good tools as a pass rusher. Danny Shelton DT (Washington) – 6020, 343. Projects to be a first day starter on whatever team drafts him. Can run well for a big man. Presses the pocket while drawing two to three blockers. Holds his ground on double teams. Good lateral quickness to skate down the line of scrimmage. Explosive and powerful. Louis Trinca-Pasat DT (Iowa) – 6010, 291. An instinctive good effort player who doesn’t stay blocked. A scheme specific tackle with lateral quickness. Works to finish the play. Some might argue that he is a better player than teammate Carl Davis, but lacks Davis’ athletic gifts. Carl Davis DT (Iowa) – 6050, 321. Best moments of the week were his one-on-one drills. He was voted the Most Outstanding Practice Player of the Week by a panel of scouts. Has a tendency to play high. Will get up the field too far, then when he redirects he’s at a bad angle. Has some hip stiffness. Gets penetration when in a gap, but inconsistent to wrap up. Question instincts to feel blocking schemes. Joey Mbu DT (Houston) – 6030, 315. Good short area quickness, power, and explosiveness. Good foot quickness for a big man. Low center of gravity. Intense and focused in his play. Long arms (34 ½”). Presses the pocket with leverage and strength. Grady Jarrett DT (Clemson) – 6010, 288. An under tackle with some similarities to NFL Rookie of the Year, Aaron Donald who played in the Senior Bowl last year. Sudden off the line of scrimmage. Doesn’t stay blocked. Quick hands. His style of play reflects the Bengals’ Geno Atkins. Kaleb Eulls DT (Mississippi State) – 6030, 305. Has long arms (33 ½”) and big hands (11”) for the position. Can stack a double team and hold his ground. Lacks pass rush skills. Stops his feet on contact. Tends to play high while searching for the ball. Gabe Wright DT (Auburn) – 6030, 299. Pushes the pocket by playing low and with leverage on the blocker. Good lateral quickness down the line. Has a quick move to slide into the gap or loop around and pressure the pocket. Has talent but needs consistency.



Xavier Williams – Northern Iowa

Anthony Chickillo (Miami) – 6033, 271. Is not only an explosive pass rusher for the 4-3, but a physical run defender. He is instinctive and plays with a non-stop motor. Can bend and play low with leverage. Jermauria Rasco (LSU) – 6034, 259. Practiced at several positions during the week but lined up and brought it from the end position in the game. Appeared to be more of a gamer than a practice player. Led LSU in sacks for two straight years. Za’Darius Smith (Kentucky) – 6047, 273. A ferocious competitor who is relentless and disruptive. Earns a lot of effort sack type plays. A gap control four man front defensive end with pass rush skills. Can win one-on-one matchups. BJ Dubose (Louisville) – 6040, 266. Withdrew from the game with a hip injury after a good week of practice. Darius Kilgo (Maryland) – 6035, 320. Holds his ground with strength and leverage. A grass grabber that works upfield. May be a good nose tackle fit in some schemes. Derrick Lott (Tennessee-Chattanooga) – 6042, 299. An explosive long armed tackle who can bend and play with leverage. Impressed in the game and in practice as a 300-pound coverage player on special teams. Agile in space for a big man. Good athletic ability. Leterrius Walton (Central Michigan) – 6051, 321. A big interior tackle who can bend and play with leverage. A sponge during the week soaking up knowledge from coaches to get better. Pushes the pocket. Daryl Waud (Western-Ontario) – 6047, 294. One of two Canadian native additions. He impressed with his length, effort, toughness, and long arms. Kyle Emanuel (North Dakota State) – 6032, 250. Erupts off the edge, flying up the field to attack the quarterback. The 2014 Buck Buchanan Award winner is sudden, relentless, and intense. Hell bent for leather from start to finish of the play. Martin Ifedi (Memphis) – 6032, 274. A long edge rusher with long arms. Quick and strong hands to control a blocker and string a blocker to the sideline. Good lateral quickness. Ryan Russell (Purdue) – 6045, 267. Passes the look test with his length, long arms, and big hands for the position. Flashes ability to use his hands effectively to disengage. Comes out of his stance high. James Castleman (Oklahoma State) – 6026, 311. Long-armed interior defender battled double teams all game. A good hustle player who runs to the ball. Needs to develop more than a bull rush to get pressure on the quarterback. Tyeler Davison (Fresno State) – 6017, 315. Has long arms and big hands. Explosive and strong. Can stack a double team and is an effective bull rusher. Chucky Hunter (TCU) – 6001, 298. Struggled in practice during the week against wide bodied blockers at the point of attack. Wired to blocker at times. Stacked double teams in the game. Hustled to the ball. David Parry (Stanford) – 6011, 308. Arms shorter than ideal, but is tough to block with his strength and leverage play. Good short area quickness and high motor. Travis Raciti (San Jose State) – 6040, 287. Played defensive tackle for the Spartans, but got plenty of work at defensive end in practice and the game. Explosive hand punch and shows good inside quickness. Makes a lot of hustle plays. Tough and physical. Xavier Williams (Northern Iowa) – 6020, 325. Our notes are littered with words like explosive, hustle, and pressure. Made the best of his Shrine opportunity by impressing scouts and coaches alike. Long arms and big hands to lock out and disengage quickly. Plays with violence, short area quicks, and power.

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