2015 NFL Supplemental Draft – Isaiah Battle, Clemson

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst

Isaiah Battle, Clemson, Offensive Tackle, 6070, 290

Isiah Battle, Clemson, Offensive TackleStrong Points: Ideal frame for the position.  Has plenty of length with a thick lower body and strong backside.  Plenty of room for more good weight once he enters an NFL strength program.  Powerful upper body with heavy, violent hands.  Can alter the path of any defender when he accurately punches.  Moves with light feet and healthy joints.  Bends his lower body well.  Derives equal power from upper and lower body.  Mechanically sound and works hard to play with consistent technique.  Quick in a short space, will close a gap in a blink when moving downfield.

Weak Points: Consistently late out of his stance.  Mentally doesn’t show the same speed as his physical ability.  Will be late to adjust to double moves and blitzes.  Relies too much on his length and hand power, putting his body in poor position against quicker defenders.  Will tire easily and starts to bend too much at the waist.  Gets grabby with his hands the further from the line the engagement is.  Doesn’t show urgency or assertiveness downfield.  Has been in some minor trouble off the field over the past two years.

Summary: Would have been a fourth year senior in 2015.  Started 11 games in 2014, and 4 games in 2013, all at left tackle.  Battle has the ideal frame and physical ability for the left tackle spot in the NFL.  His feet are more than quick enough and he can derive elite power from his upper body to go along with top tier length.  Battle made a late decision to leave Clemson early and enter the 2015 Supplemental Draft for financial and family reasons.  With that in mind, he has been through two short term suspensions during his 3+ year career at Clemson and he was pulled over by police in June 2015 and found in possession of marijuana.  Therefore, there are off-field concerns that need extra investigation.  As a player, however, Battle would have been in the discussion for a top 100 overall spot in the 2016 NFL Draft.  At times his game mirrors players who have been selected in the 1st round.  For teams looking for edge protection help, Battle can be viewed as a prospect who could help as soon as the second half of 2015.


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