Armani Watts – FS – Texas A&M

Armani Watts - FS - Texas A&M

By Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Senior Draft Analyst

Armani Watts – FS – Texas A&M

The top defensive player in a typical draft class is, usually, an edge rusher. At this point of early October, none of the projected top edge rushers are standing out via performance. Next up, cornerback. Same story, as there doesn’t appear to be any lockdown cover men out there. While it is way too early to project who exactly is going where, one thing is standing out. Watts might be one of the most dynamic, game changing defenders in the class.

The fourth year senior has been starting since day one of his college career. In those four years he has, and continues to, display the ability to cover the slot, roam in deep coverage, impact the running game, and makes plays on the ball. When searching for the quickest way turnaround a defense, the term ‘versatility’ needs to breach anyone’s mind. Finding players that can wear multiple hats at a high level. That is what Watts brings to the table. The combination of talent and instincts get him around the ball often and it is only a matter of time before he makes a game changing play. Watts lacks some of the size traits somewhat in a safety, but ask opponents if he is a guy that plays small. There is some superstar potential in there.

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