Derek Nnadi – DT – Florida State

Derek Nnadi - DT - Florida State

By Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Senior Draft Analyst

Derek Nnadi – DT – Florida State

When it comes to winning against both one-on-one and double team battles in the trenches, a defensive tackle needs to play low to the ground with a powerful base. Late in games and in short yardage situations, these defenders are crucial to defending the inside run.

Derek Nnadi, a fourth year senior, has been a steady presence for the Seminoles more-than-solid defense over his entire career. The sexy measurables aren’t there. The sexy statistics aren’t there. But any defensive line coach will quickly tell you that isn’t near the top of the list when it comes to scouting a player for the middle of any defense. The consistent ability to anchor and keep linebackers clean from linemen are essential traits that any scheme needs. Nnadi has a natural leverage advantage with his less-than average height and incredibly strong base that he can work close to the ground. His short area pop and violence brings a sense of presence that demands attention from multiple blockers. Group him with some fast and instinctive linebackers, and the run defense is immediately brought to a new level. Nnadi may not be the every down playmaker, but as a rotational, run-defense-specialty-defender, you won’t find many better options than him.

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