Draft Rewind 2014: CJ Fiedorowicz, Houston Texans

What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about CJ FIEDOROWICZ: Iowa, 6054 265 4.76. Two-year starter. Will break into the league as a blocking tight end and special teams’ coverage and blocking weapon, but has underdeveloped receiving tools. He has the intelligence to learn pass defenses and has the speed to clear out from wide receivers on underneath routes. Can improve his run after catch ability. He made impressive strides at the Senior Bowl separating from linebackers in man-to-man coverage. Grades out as a solid backup with ascending skills. Can make the overhead catch from the slot. No hold up on the line of scrimmage. Gets through and into pass route. A screen and wall off type blocker. Can get a good base fit to drive defensive end at times. Good arm extension to lock out and mirror in pass protection. Good measurables for the position and reactions to the ball. Has improved his base blocking when in a move position to lead through on linebackers. A throwback traditional NFL tight end. Can be beat off the edge by a speed rusher at times. Needs more functional strength and aggressiveness on base blocks. Must work to bend and play low like other angular tight ends. 2013 stats: 30-299, 10.0 ypr, 6 TD. OSR:3/18. Third/fourth round. (A-33, H-10 1/4, BP-25, VJ-31.5).

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