Jacksonville Signs Julius Thomas

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst


 TE Julius Thomas SIGNS with Jacksonville


With a massive pile of cash ready to be spent, the Jaguars bring in one of the top tight end targets in the game.  Thomas, a former basketball player who played just one season of college football, saw great success while playing for Peyton Manning in Denver.  When an offense is trying to re-create persona around a young QB, finding guys that create matchup problems is vital.  Thomas is a 6’5/250 athletic frame that is nearly impossible to cover near the end zone.  Second year QB Blake Bortles now has targets on the outside capable of taking over games AND a top tier receiving threat that can work the seams and underneath route tree.

What’s Next?

The Jaguars still have plenty of money to spend here.  Their depth chart needs more established NFL talent and it appears they’re ready to go get it.  Cross tight end off their draft needs.  However it will take more than Thomas to fix their offensive woes.  The offensive line and running back spots in particular are still among the league’s worst.


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